Jul 9 2021

Heavy Clashes In Caracas, Venezuela As Criminal Gangs Try To Spread (VIDEOS)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On July 8th and continuing into July 9th, Venezuela’s capital Caracas is in chaos after authorities closed down roads due to intense firefights between security forces and the Cota 905 organized crime gang. Authorities have not released any numbers of casualties and it is unknown how many people have been killed or injured. The group is attempting to expand the territory it controls in the capital. CICPC officers in cover being shot at by Cota 905 gangs #Venezuela — CNW (@ConflictsW) July 8, 2021 Heavily armed criminal groups have moved in the …

Jun 4 2021

Two Iranian Ships, One Loaded With Fast Missile Craft Sailing Toward The Atlantic

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image Two Iranian navy ships heading to the Americas are expected to soon enter the Atlantic Ocean, posing an alleged problem for the Biden Administration, according to a report by Politico on June 2nd. Days earlier, the outlet reported that the US was surveilling the Makran, an oil tanker turned staging base, and an Iranian navy frigate believed to be headed for Venezuela. H.I. Sutton and others reported that based on satellite imagery, the Makran has seven high-speed missile-attack craft strapped to its deck. According to imagery provided to USNI News by Maxar, the …

Apr 26 2021

Capitalism is an Environmental Failure, Latin American Leaders Warn

Support SouthFront Illustrative image Written by Alejandra Garcia, originally published at Resumen. “Mother Earth does not belong to us, we are part of her. Savage capitalism has turned life into a big market and has destroyed the essential balance that must exist between nature and human beings,” Bolivia’s President Luis Arce said in commemoration of International Earth Day. Arce pronounced these words during the event that took place in La Paz to mark the date and was attended by government authorities, representatives of social organizations, and Latin American political leaders. They were united by a common purpose: to implement the …

Mar 21 2021

‘Terrorist Attack’: Explosion Rocks Gas Pipeline In Venezuela (Video)

Donate A screenshot from the video On March 21, an explosion rocket a gas pipeline of Venezuela’s state energy company PDVSA. The incident took place near the city of El Tejero. The video from the scene shows a pillar of fire high into the sky. Venezuelan Minister of Industries and National Production and Minister of Petroleum Tareck El Aissami called that the incident was a result of the attack by ‘terrorists’. El Aissami added that at the moment there were no reports of any casualties and the authorities have employed all the necessary measures to the area to mitigate the …

Mar 6 2021

Russian Scare 2.0: Images Show Alleged Russian Specialists Training Venezuelan Forces

Donate Click to see the full-size image The logically and expectedly growing cooperation between Venezuela and Russia has been the source of ‘concern’ of the United States since the failed pro-Washington coup in Venezuela. So now, any, even small, sign of the Russian military presence in the country causes jitters in social media and MSM. No hay mejor manera de recordar a nuestro Comandante Supremo Hugo Chávez sino con la acción, con sus soldados en el terreno, actuando bajo la doctrina militar bolivariana que él mismo construyó para preservar la paz e integridad de la patria. Vamos contigo Chávez, hasta …

Jan 14 2021

Desperate Attempts Of Trump Administration To Protect Its Foreign Policy Heritage

Donate Illustrative image The US House of Representatives has impeached President Donald Trump for “incitement of insurrection” 7 days before the end of his presidency. In recent months, the administration of Donald Trump has made active steps in the foreign policy in an attempt to secure the previously established course. Often these moves look ridiculous and hopeless. Trump bequeath a heavy legacy to his successor Joe Biden in the Middle East, Latin America, in relations with China, etc. The main rival of the United States in the Middle East, Iran, has been accused of complicity with Al-Qaeda. Tehran has allegedly …

Jan 7 2021

President No Longer: EU, Lima Group, Canada Stop Referring To Juan Guaido As Venezuela’s Leader

Donate Click to see full-size image On January 6th, the EU, the Lima group of Latin American countries, and Canada “implicitly” gave up support of US-Proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido. The EU, apparently, views Guaido and the opposition-led “outgoing” National Assembly as just one of the political actors in Venezuela, based on a statement issued by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell. Still, the EU said it doesn’t recognize the elections as valid, but it clearly also doesn’t recognize Guaido as an elected official or leader of the country. “The European Union considers that the elections failed to comply with …

Dec 30 2020

UAE Hub Of Companies Assisting Venezuela In Circumventing U.S. Oil Sanctions: Reuters

Donate Click to see full-size image An investigative report by Reuters has discovered that Venezuela was avoiding U.S. oil sanctions with the help of none other than the United Arab Emirates. Back in June 2020, the US began sanctioning at least 6 oil tankers managed by established shipping firms. The slack was picked up by a little-known company based in the United Arab Emirates. The vessels were renamed and then began shipping again. Each week, we discover sophisticated methods to hide oil shipments, but this week the prize goes to ALSATAYIR (IMO 9308845), an Aframax crude oil tanker that is …

Dec 29 2020

Russian Soft Power In Action: Sputnik V Spread In Latin America

Donate Illustrative image Written by Jhr Cronos exclusively for SouthFront In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, the world was launched into accelerated development of a vaccine against the disease. After months of research, some vaccine candidates stood out, including Sputnik V developed by the Russian company Gamaleya. But in reality, the Russian vaccine was largely criticized by the mass media. In Latin America, most of them only reproduced statements of the Western corporate media,  and were satisfied with that. What did they say? Well, it varied. First, they claimed that there were no real studies and papers. It was a lie, …

Jul 25 2020

US State Department Bounty Hunters Offer Top Dollar For Venezuelan Scalps: Latest Target, The Chief Justice

Donate Mr Moreno has been Chief Justice of the Supreme Court since 2017 The US is offering a reward of $5m (£3.9m) for information leading to the arrest or conviction of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Venezuela, Maikel Moreno. The US accuses Mr Moreno of participating in transnational organised crime. Mr Moreno rejects the allegations. He is the latest of many senior officials in the administration of President Nicolás Maduro for whom a multi-million dollar reward is being offered. The bounties have been shrugged off by the Venezuelans as absurd and unfortunate, but ultimately of no importance. …

Jun 10 2020

The Venezuela–Iran Axis of Unity And Resistance Stands The Test of Time

Donate ‘Fortune’, the last of the five Iranian tankers to arrive, at port in Venezuela Yesterday (Monday 8 May) Iran’s Supreme Leader Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei praised the crews responsible for carrying the shipments of processed fuel and precursor chemicals to supply the oil refineries in Venezuela notwithstanding the US threats to prevent the shipments, writing via Twitter: To the Iranian oil tankers’ crew that sailed to #Venezuela: In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful May God give strength to you dear ones, the Captains and staff. You did a great job. It was Jihad & brought honor …

Jun 9 2020

US-Proclaimed President Guaido Claims Khalifa Haftar Landed In Venezuela

Donate Click to see full-size image On June 8th, US-Proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido claimed that Libyan National Army’s (LNA) Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar had landed in Venezuela and denounced that. The version of the claims was then changed to condemning that an aircraft of Haftar had landed in Venezuela, but not the LNA’s commander. Haftar’s plane reportedly landed in Venezuela on June 7th, Guaido denounced the alleged move in a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS). “Yesterday, the plane of the Libyan rebel Jalifa Hafter landed,” Guaidó said and without giving more information, during a Legislative Dialogue …

Jun 8 2020

Venezuela: Fuel Supplies Restored And Production Resumes With Assistance From Iran and China

Donate The first of five Iranian tankers to break the US blockade last month is escorted to port by the Venezuelan navy. Fuel supplies have been restored at Venezuela’s gas stations as a new fuel distribution and pricing regime came into effect last week. Government officials hope the policy will stabilise the market and end shortages, while reducing the burden of public subsidies on sanctioned state-run oil firm PDVSA. Successive Venezuelan governments have maintained a long-standing policy of heavily subsidising fuel since a price hike and sweeping austerity package sparked a popular uprising in 1989, known as the Caracazo. Prices were, …

Jun 4 2020

US Imposes More Sanctions Against Venezuela, This Time Punishing Maritime Shipping Companies

Donate Solidarity endures and flourishes despite US threats The United States extended its unilateral sanctions regime on Venezuela’s oil industry on Tuesday, focusing this time on maritime companies who have been assisting the Latin American country in getting its crude oil to market, the U.S. Department of the Treasury said on Tuesday. “The illegitimate Maduro regime has enlisted the help of maritime companies and their vessels to continue the exploitation of Venezuela’s natural resources for the regime’s profit,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, adding that the US will continue to target anyone to supports Maduro’s regime and contributes “to the suffering of …

May 31 2020

The Saker: “Did Trump Just Cancel a Potential Double-War?”

Donate ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review At this time of writing, it is too early to declare the danger over, but at least three out of five Iranian tankers have made it safely to Venezuela (confirmation from TeleSur and PressTV). Furthermore, while we should never say “never”, it appears exceedingly unlikely that the US would let three tankers pass only to then try to impede the arrival of the other two. So it ain’t over until its over, but as of right now things look way better than last week. Besides, this …

May 29 2020

US Charges Former Member Of Venezuela’s National Assembly With ‘Narcoterrorism’

Donate Click to see the full-size image The US is adding another round of ‘lawfare’ to its already vast repertoire of attacks against the government and people of Venezuela in its effort to regain control over one of the last corners of its backyard in Latin America that remains independently minded and governed. In Colombia the latest operation would be called a judicial ‘false positive’, as it appears fabricated out of evidence-free allegations and dubious accusations to prepare the way for more drastic forms of intervention if Venezuela can’t be subdued by other means. No evidence was presented to the …

May 28 2020

After Failed Mercenary Incursion, US To Deploy Special Force Assistance Brigade On Border With Venezuela

Donate SOUTHFRONT NEEDS YOUR HELP TO STAY ALIVE! Since May 1, SouthFront has collected 3,340 USD. This is about 67% of the minimum monthly budget. SUPPORT OUR WORK NOW: PayPal: [email protected], or via:, BTC: 3Gbs4rjcVUtQd8p3CiFUCxPLZwRqurezRZ, BCH ABC: qpf2cphc5dkuclkqur7lhj2yuqq9pk3hmukle77vhq, ETH: 0x9f4cda013e354b8fc285bf4b9a60460cee7f7ea9 US paratroopers participating in joint military exercises at the National Training Centre near Tolemaida. EFE/ Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda/ File photo In the aftermath of last month’s failed mercenary incursion against Venezuela and the failure to prevent the Iranian fuel shipments after another barrage of ‘maximum pressure’ and threats, the US has announced that it will send troops of the Special Force Assistance …

May 28 2020

Opinion: Iranian Tankers Pass Through US Sanctions Wall

Venezuela is one of the important countries in Latin America. This country, like other Latin America countries, such as Bolivia and Cuba, had became the backyard of the US for a long time. After presidency of Hugo Chavez, this country became one of the most prominent countries in the field of anti-imperialism, and for this confrontation, allied with other anti-US countries including Iran.The political, security and economic relations between Iran and Venezuela were exemplary during the time of former president of this oil-rich country. The nationalization of the oil industry and improving the terrible economic situation of the country, was …

May 27 2020

In Video: Third Iranian Tanker Reaches Venezuela

Donate On May 27, oil tanker Petunia entered the exclusive economic zone of Venezuela, becoming the third Iran-flagged vessel to reach the Latin country in the last few days. Venezuela’s Telesur TV said Petunia crossed the Caribbean Sea and entered the country’s waters after being escorted by the Venezuelan Navy. The vessel is carrying 50,000 tons of gasoline and related products. [embedded content] The Venezuelan Navy escorted two other Iran-flagged tankers, Fortune and Forest, which arrived in the last few days. Two other tankers, Faxon and Carnation, are currently en route to Venezuela. Last week, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro thanked …

May 26 2020

Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Caribbean Sea

– The Forest tanker is heading west and likely to Amuay Refinery. – The Petunia tanker is in north of Trinidad and Tobago, approaching Venezuelan territorial waters. – The Fortune tanker has moored at the El Palito refinery since yesterday. FORUM

May 26 2020

Venezuela’s Attorney General Requests Supreme Court Declares Juan Guaido And His Party “Terrorists”

Donate Click to see full-size image On May 25th, Venezuela’s Attorney General Tarek William Saab asked the Supreme Court to declare opposition leader and US-Proclaimed President Juan Guaido’s party a “terrorist organization,” blaming it for the ridiculous failed sea invasion. Tarek William Saab accused the Voluntad Popular (“Popular Will”) party and its leader Guaido of promoting destabilizing actions during the coronavirus pandemic. In a state TV broadcast, Saab said his office had asked the court “to determine if the Voluntad Popular political organization is a terrorist organization.” Both US mercenaries that were arrested by Venezuelan authorities – Luke Alexander Denman …

May 25 2020

Venezuela & Iran Won 1st Round Of Tanker Standoff With United States

Donate Click to see the full-size image It appears that Round 1 of the latest confrontation between the US, Venezuela and Iran has concluded with a victory for the allied forces of the Resistance. While the arrival of the first of five Iranian vessels carrying petroleum to Venezuelan waters, where it was met by an escort provided by the Venezuelan Navy and Air Force, will no doubt be portrayed by many as a humiliation for Trump given his bellicose statements and threats over the last week, the US decision to not intercept the first vessel could also be interpreted as …

May 25 2020

Breaking: Iranian oil tanker Fortune has moored at the refinery of El Palito in Venezuela


May 24 2020

Why the oil-rich country of Venezuela gets gasoline from Iran?!

Many people ask Why the oil-rich country of Venezuela gets gasoline from Iran?!The answer is that gasoline produced by Venezuela, has low octane, because most of alkylation units are out of order; and the oil companies are refusing to provide oil services and products to the Venezuelan oil industry, because of US sanctions; and oil refineries in Venezuela have been practically stopped. Although the Venezuela is considered as a oil exporter country, but in the past, most of the material that are needed for producing Venezuela’s crude oil, was supplying by the American companies… It’s interesting to know that now, …

May 24 2020

Video: First footage of Iranian tanker in Venezuelan territorial waters


May 23 2020

The latest situation of Iranian tankers in the Atlantic Ocean

The Fortune tanker will enter Venezuelan waters in the next few hours. FORUM

May 22 2020

Iranian oil tankers near Venezuelan territorial waters!

Images show that two tankers (Fortune and Petunia) are approaching Venezuelan territorial waters and three other are following them in Atlantic Ocean.According to current location of Fortune it will probably reach its final destination in less than 48 hours which is earlier than expected. Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Atlantic Ocean FORUM

May 22 2020

As Showdown Looms Over Iran’s Oil Shipments To Venezuela, US & NATO Forces Poised For Possible Interception

Donate The pending confrontation over the fuel shipments from Iran to Venezuela, likely to occur in the next couple of weeks, will almost certainly cause a major conflagration in at least one and possibly two regions if the US attempts to intercept the shipment by force. Iran would almost definitely take a proportionate response – as its responses to the British capture of an Iranian tanker last year and the US assassination of Qasem Suleimani earlier this year made clear – and Venezuela may well do the same given the frequency, arrogance and destructiveness of US military and paramilitary attacks …

May 22 2020

The Saker: Will Trump Really Start Two Wars Instead of “Just” One?

Donate ILLUSTRATIVE Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review Amidst the worldwide pandemic induced scare most of us have probably lost track of all the other potential dangers which still threaten international peace and stability. Allow me to list just a few headlines which, I strongly believe, deserve much more attention than what they got so far. Here we go: Military Times: “5 Iran tankers sailing to Venezuela amid US pressure tactics“ Time: “5 Iranian Tankers Head to Venezuela Amid Heightened Tensions Between U.S. and Tehran“ FoxNews: “Iran tankers sailing to Venezuela in effort to undermine US …

May 22 2020

Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Atlantic Ocean

The first Iranian tanker will reach Venezuelan waters in about four days; but the US has so far refused to take a clear stance on Iranian tankers! A Pentagon military official also said he is no aware of the United States intention of seizing Iranian ships. The United States does not seem to have much interest go deep with Iran; at least in this particular case … Iranian tankers en route to Venezuela! To reach or not to reach that is the question! FORUM

May 21 2020

Venezuela: US ‘Maximum Pressure’ Continues, More Details Of Failed Mercenary Attack Revealed

Donate ILLUSTRATIVE The US is continuing with its all-out effort to bludgeon Venezuela into submission, maintaining its menacing albeit ambiguous threats against several Iranian tankers carrying fuel to the South American country as a supplementary measure to its sweeping sanctions and economic blockade and reckless military and paramilitary aggressions. The US push to exert maximum pressure on its adversaries has brought both regions to flashpoint once again, as a fleet of US warships has been deployed to patrol maritime approaches to Venezuela for ‘Enhanced Counter-Narcotic Operations’ and up to five Iranian vessels have been identified by several companies tracking marine …

May 21 2020

Venezuela To ‘Protect’ 5 Inbound Iranian Tankers With Ships & Planes Military Escort

Donate Originally appeared at ZeroHedge Though largely off the mainstream media’s radar amid all things pandemic related, we’ve been closely following the saga of Iran’s provocatively sending five fuel-laden tankers to gasoline-starved Venezuela, despite repeat and growing threats of US intervention against the brazen sanctions-busting mission. And now surely escalating matters from Washington’s point of view, the Maduro government has vowed it will provide navy ships and military aircraft to escort the inbound Iranian fuel tankers. Venezualan Su-30MKII fighter jets, via Military Watch Magazine. Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said on Wednesday that the military escort will be prepared to defend …

May 20 2020

Full Alert in the Persian Gulf!

On the other hand, the IRGC navy and the army in the Persian Gulf are on full alert to deal with any possible threat from US, and the IRGC Aerospace force also has been on full alert for the past few days. The US request comes as Iranian oil tankers in international waters are approaching Venezuela, and if the United States disrupts the process, Iran’s response will be hard and surprising.Thus, the US warning about maintaining distance can be interpreted in this context, and this will clearly depend on the future behavior of the United States towards Iranian tankers. FORUM

May 18 2020

Iran Warns the US against Intercepting Fuel Shipments to Venezuela

Donate Click to see the full-size image The US continues with its efforts to ratchet up its long running campaign of financial sanctions and economic blockade against Venezuela, with the objective of either forcing President Nicolas Maduro to resign and turn power over to a transitional ‘government’ acceptable to the US, or persuading his colleagues (and senior military officials in particular) to abandon the president and agree to a transitional power-sharing agreement. If this cannot be achieved the US seems determined to devastate the South American country’s economy to such an extent that it becomes ungovernable. As the US runs …

May 17 2020

Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea

– The Clavel oil tanker is moving north of Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. (~ETA: June 2) – The Faxon oil tanker is moving north of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. (~ETA: May 29) – The Forest oil tanker is moving in the Atlantic Ocean. (The last announced position is for May 14; transponder is turned off) – The Petunia oil tanker is moving west of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. (~ETA: May 25) – The Fortune oil tanker is moving in the Atlantic Ocean. (The last announced position is for May 16; transponder is turned off) Iranian tankers en …

May 17 2020

Any harassment on Iranian tankers and the US will be responsible!

Following reports of the US threats to harass Iranian fuel tankers heading to Venezuela, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a letter to the UN Secretary-General warned about US mischief and the possibility of disruption in the transfer of fuel to Venezuela. Also Sayyid Abbas Araghchi, Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, summoned the Swiss Ambassador which represents the interests of the US in Iran, urging him to send Iran’s serious warning to US officials about any possible US threats against Iranian tankers!The Deputy Foreign Minister warned that any threat against Iranian tankers would be met with an immediate …

May 16 2020

Iranian tankers en route to Venezuela! To reach or not to reach that is the question!

Tankers Forest, Fortune and Petunia have crossed Gibraltar, Faxon is near Gibraltar and Clavel is in the middle of Mediterranean.If nothing happens, the first Iranian tanker reaches Venezuela on May 25. The decisive move of Iranian tankers to sail with Iran’s flag while Iran is under severe sanctions by USA specifically the oil sanctions and Venezuela is under oil sanction by USA since last year. There are numerous guesses regarding the future of this move, but we are not going to predict it. We only give three possible scenarios:1. The ships will reach their destination safe and sound!2. The US …

May 11 2020

Venezuelan Authorities Arrest 14 More Suspected Mercenaries, Including 1 Woman

Donate Click to see full-size image Venezuelan authorities announced the detention of another group of mercenaries of the operation “Gideon”, including one woman. As of May 11th, 45 people are in custody in relation to the operation. During the last 24 hours, the Venezuelan State Security Forces captured a total of 14 mercenaries who participated in the failed infiltration attempt on May 3th. El @Libertad020, la @2Redicapital, @ZodiLaGuaira, el @GNBoficial, #EscudoBolivarianoTiburon2020,en Operacion Conjunta y Mixta, se producen 3 nuevas capturas en San Miguel. Pquia.Carayaca, para un total de 14 mercenarios en maniobra yunque [email protected][email protected] — RediCapital_2 (@2Redicapital) May 11, …

May 11 2020

Syria denounces failed beach landing operation in Venezuela

Related Articles Damascus, SANA – An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that Syria condemns in the strongest of terms the failed terrorist landing operation that was attempted on Venezuelan shores. The source said that such hostile practices are part of the conspiracy against Venezuela and its sovereignty which is being led by the US administration and carried out by its mercenaries in Venezuela. The source said that Syria reiterates its solidarity with Venezuela and its legitimate leadership represented by President Nicolás Maduro, and calls for putting an end to US interference in Venezuelan affairs. FORUM

May 10 2020

Venezuela Seizes Abandoned Colombian Military Boats, Weapons (Photos)

Donate The failed attempt of US mercenaries operating from Colombia to stage a coup in Venezuela continues developing with more and more details appearing. On May 9, Venezuela’s military said it seized three abandoned Colombian light combat boats that soldiers found in the Orinoco river area. This happened several days after the government accused its neighbor of aiding a failed invasion staged by US mercenaries. The Defense Ministry said the boats were equipped with machine guns and ammunition, but had no crew, adding they were discovered as part of a nationwide operation to guarantee Venezuela’s “freedom and sovereignty.” Colombia’s Navy …

May 10 2020

Venezuela Charges US Ex-Special Forces Soldiers With “Terrorism & Conspiracy”

Donate Originally appeared at ZeroHedge The two US ex-special forces turn mercenary soldiers captured by Venezuela Monday as they tried to lead a small anti-Maduro invasion force into the country appeared in a Venezuelan court on Friday, alongside some dozen other alleged conspirators and detained mercenaries. Luke Alexander Denman, 34, and Airan Berry, 41 have been charged with “terrorism and conspiracy” for the failed raid, which new details say included a total of 17 people coming ashore on fishing boats from a staging ground in neighboring Colombia. Silvercorp mercenaries Venezuela captured following this week’s failed invasion face charges including terrorism, conspiracy, …

May 9 2020

Juan Guaido Denies Any Connection To Failed Infiltration Attempt Into Venezuela: The Plot Thickens

Donate Click to see full-size image On May 8th, US-Proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido’s office denied any link between him and the Silvercorp-led failed infiltration attempt into Venezuela. “We reiterate once again that the interim government has no link, commitment or responsibility to Silvercorp or its actions, as well as deny that President Guaido has signed an assumption contract with [the company],” Guaido’s office said in a statement. Just a day earlier, the Washington Post published a “General Services Agreement” between Juan Guaido and Silvercorp USA. The 41-page document can be read and downloaded in its entirety. It can be …

May 8 2020

Russian Specialists Reportedly Support Venzuela’s Operation Shark 2020 Against US Regime Change Attempts: Reports

Donate IMAGE: 8 Russian specialists have reportedly participated in a patrol on May 8 in the framework of Venzuela’s Operation Shark 2020 launched in response to hostile actions of US mercenaries against the country. According to local media, the patrol took place in the area of Carayaca in the La Guaira state (formerly Vargas state) of the country. Reports claim that the Russians provided Venezuelan forces assistance in the field of the drone management and the monitoring of forestlands. Since the start of the US attempts to overthrow the internationally recognized government of Venezuela in 2019, mainstream media outlets …

May 8 2020

Operation Gideon: the Hidden Plot of the New Failed US Attempt against Venezuela

Donate Click to see the full-size image Submitted via In Venezuela, Operation Gideon is underway; an incursion of Venezuelan and U.S. mercenaries who aim to overthrow the government of Nicolas Maduro. Several of them have already been arrested and killed in the last 48 hours. The orders come from Washington. The mercenary action against Venezuela was due to begin on March 10. The plans failed because the local opposition failed to activate the necessary street scenario. The arrival of the pandemic and the quarantine disrupted plans for what finally became known as Operation Gideon on Sunday, May 3. That morning …

May 8 2020

Interrogation Of 2nd Arrested US Mercenary In Venezuela, As Maduro “Advises” Pompeo To “Give Up”

Donate Click to see full-size image On May 7th, an interrogation of the second Silvercorp USA mercenary who was arrested by Venezuelan authorities was also released on social media. [embedded content] His name is Aaron Berry, he is 41 years old, he does not remember the address of his place of residence, since he moved recently, but it’s for sure in the USA. He served in the infantry, left the US army in 1996. He met Jordan Goudreau the army, who later proposed to go to Venezuela and provide some support. In January, Berry traveled from the United States to …

May 7 2020

US Mercenaries Arrested In Venezuela Tweeted To Confirm Operation With Donald Trump

Donate Click to see full-size image Immediately after Venezuelan authorities arrested a group of mercenaries, reports began circulating that two of them – Luke Alexander Denman and Aaron Barry were actually part of Silvercorp USA, and both of them provided security for US President Donald Trump. CAPTURED: U.S. mercenaries Luke Alexander Denman and Aaron Barry are in custody of the Venezuelan government. The two Silvercorp terrorists claim work security for President Trump. — Camila (@camilateleSUR) May 5, 2020 However, to make things even more ridiculous – Silvercorp on May 3rd, tweeted that they were carrying out an incursion into …

May 6 2020

Trump Denies US Involvement In Venezuelan ‘Coup Plot’ After American Mercenaries Captured

Donate Click to see the full-size image So, now, the US wants the world to believe that Washington is not seeking to stage a coup in Venezuela. ZeroHedge reports (source): update: President Trump has addressed the bizarre headline-grabbing development which has jolted Venezuela back center-stage in the news and in Washington. REPORTER: What happened in Venezuela, sir? Apparently a couple of Americans were detained. TRUMP: … Nothing to do with our government, but I just got information on that. … We just heard about it. But whatever it is, we’ll let you know. Read more: — JM Rieger (@RiegerReport) May …

May 5 2020

Second “Terrorist Infiltration” Foiled By Venezuelan Authorities In As Many Days

Donate Click to see full-size image On May 4th, the Venezuelan authorities foiled a second “terrorist infiltration” attempt, capturing 8 suspects. Local fishermen detected the armed incursion and alerted the Venezuelan armed forces. According to Aragua’s Governor Rodolfo Marco, through local intelligence units and the joint civic-military unity the apprehension of these perpetrators was made possible. The Venezuelan authorities reported that the eight “terrorists” were arrested inside the town of Chuao in the Aragua state; they were armed and attempting to infiltrate to cause harm to the South American nation. “We continue in Popular Victory, how great we are! #BolivarianFury …

May 4 2020

A New Frustrated Chapter in the Violent War Against Venezuela

Donate Click to see the full-size image Submitted via In the early morning of May 3, there was a thwarted mercenary raid on the coast of Macuto, in the state of La Guaira. Interior, Justice, and Peace Minister Néstor Reverol reported that the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) together with the Special Action Forces (FAES) of the Bolivarian National Police countered an invasion by “sea” on the coast by non-state actors, officially called “Operation Negro Primero”. The Venezuelan authorities reportedly killed nine mercenaries and detained two others, who were part of what they called “Operation Gideon”. They also seized 10 …

May 4 2020

China Purchases More Venezuelan Oil In Push For Geopolitical Influence

Donate Click to see full-size image Venezuelan crude oil exports are growing for the second month in a row. This conclusion was made by Bloomberg based on the calculation data on the loading of tankers with Venezuelan oil. In April, the amount of oil exported increased to 739,400 barrels per day and reached the highest level in three months. This is 9.6% more than in March. At least 65% of Venezuelan oil was exported to China in April. This is a very apparent push by China to increase its influence, with a sort of investment in the form of purchasing …