Jul 7 2021

Rocket attacks on US positions at Ain Al Asad Airbase

According to Wayne Marotto, a spokesman for the US-led coalition in the region, the base was targeted by 14 rockets, injuring three people. On the other hand, The Thar al-Muhandis resistance group issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack and saying that 30 Grad rockets had been fired at Ain Al Asad Airbase. Based on available information, the US missile defense systems have failed to repel the rocket attack. No information has been released on the extent of the damage and possible casualties in the attack. According to IWN information , this is the ninth attack by Iraqi resistance …

May 31 2021

Infographic: Iraqi Resistance Groups

On early hours of 3 January 2020, Haj Qasem Soleimani, commander of IRGC Quds corps, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, deputy of Hashad Sha’abi (PMU) military branch, and their companions were martyred by US drone attack near Baghdad Airport. After the assassination many Resistance groups and eminent figures of the region talking about and appreciating the positive actives of martyrs Soleimani and al-Muhandis in fighting terrorism and bringing security to the region, threatened US to a proper answer for the crime.Iraqi groups and people were more persistent on ejecting US from Iraq and avenging blood of the martyrs of this assassination, …

May 22 2020

Video: Footage of Surface to Air Missile Attack on US Chinook Helicopter in Iraq

In this video, one of the members of this group fires a missile at the American helicopter with a MANPAD, but in the end, the moment of the missile’s collision with the helicopter is not shown. The moment of the impact may be published in the next clips, or this clip may contain a special message for the American terrorist forces in Iraq. “Thar al-Muhandis” is the fifth resistance group which in recent months have declared its opposition against United States. Asbat al-Thaerin, Ashab al-Kahf , Saraya Thorat al-Ashrin al-Thaniyah and Qabdhat al-Huda have been stated their resistance before this …