Apr 11 2021

Latest Updates on Taiz Front, 11 April 2021

One month after the clashes on the western front of Taiz, the Saudi coalition forces’ attempt to take control of the northern road of Taiz (Mocha road to Taiz Airport) failed and Ansar Allah succeeded in stopping the operations of Tariq Saleh’s forces in al-Waziyah crossroad.Also Ansar Allah has repelled the attacks of the Saudi coalition forces in al-Qash’ah and Qahban in the al-Kadhah region. The Saudi coalition, with the support and mobilization of Mansour Hadi’s forces in Taiz and Tariq Saleh in Mocha, launched an operation in mid-March to capture the northern road to Taiz and reduce pressure on …

Apr 3 2021

Latest Updates on Taiz Front, 3 April 2021

According to the latest news from Ansar Allah operation in the east of Taiz province, Al-Ahkum area has been cleared, including Najd Al-Ahkum, Saqol Al-Ahkum, Soq Mosalla Al-Ahkum, Al-Ahjum and several other areas from the control of the Saudi-led forces. With the liberation of these areas, the Taiz-Aden road is under pressure from Ansar Allah, and in the coming days, Ansar Allah can cut off this important road and put Mansour Hadi’s forces in Taiz city in serious danger. If Ansar Allah continues to advance towards the Taiz-Aden road, the areas of Soq al-Rabu, Sharaf, Al-Hasahes, Al-Torbeh, as well as …

Mar 26 2021

Latest Updates on Taiz and Lahij Fronts, 26 March 2021

According to the latest news from the southern fronts of Yemen, Ansar Allah has launched attacks on the southern front of Hayfan in recent days, which have led to the clearing of Azlat al-A’bous and Safih al-A’bous and the surrounding heights in this district. Mansour Hadi’s forces attacked Ansar Allah positions in north al-Ahkum front and Zabairah al-Qadas in Taiz province, as well as in the Karb area in Lahij province, which were repulsed by Ansar Allah. If Ansar Allah advances towards the Taiz-Aden road, all the main roads leading to the city of Taiz will be cut off by …

Mar 16 2021

Latest Updates on Yemen, 16 March 2021

1- Marib– Ansar Allah attacked Saudi coalition positions in east of Malbuda and Wadi Nakhlan. News of Atran and Khashab mountain liberation is not confirmed yet.– Sporadic clashes between Saudi coalition and Ansar Allah continued east of Sarwah, Marib dam and Mashjah front. The front lines have not changed yet. 2- Taiz– Clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continued in different fronts of Muqbana district. – Mansoor Hadi forces claim to occupy Sarahim mountain and al-Ahtub village, east of Taiz, but there are heavy conflicts in the area and they have not fallen completely yet. 3- Al Hudaydah– Saudi-led …

Mar 15 2021

Latest Updates on Taiz Front, 15 March 2021 (Map Update)

Ansar Allah and popular committees recaptured the Ghubari and Aqmah mountain in the Kadha region from the Saudi-led forces. Also, Ansar Allah forces in al-Tuwayr area are still resisting and coalition forces advances stopped in this area.Clashes continue in the Tuwayr, Kuwayha and Qash’ah areas in northern part of the Kadhah pocket. The Saudi-led forces also opened a new front in south of Barah on the Mocha-Taiz road. On March 14, Ansar Allah fired a missile at a gathering of Saudi coalition forces, including Mansour Hadi, Islah Party militants and the al-Qaeda terrorist forces, at the Tariq bin Ziad school …

Mar 14 2021

Ansar Allah missile attack on Saudi coalition positions in Taiz

Adnan Raziq, a field commander of the al-Qaeda terrorist group, was reportedly killed and General Fazl Hassan, commander of Mansour Hadi’s forces in the fourth district, was reportedly wounded during the attack. Regarding the casualties of this missile attack, various statistics of 3 to 50 people have been reported in the media affiliated with the Saudi coalition, and the most reliable statistics are 16 people killed and 52 wounded. FORUM

Mar 12 2021

Latest Updates on Taiz Front, 11 March 2021 (Map Update)

During the recent operation of Mansour Hadi and National Resistance Forces (under the command of Tariq Saleh) with the support of the Saudi coalition, which began on March 6 in the districts of Jabal Habashi and Maqbanah in Taiz province, Mansour Hadi forces from the east and Tariq Saleh forces from the west attacked Ansar Allah positions in the al-Kadha pocket, and eventually Ansar Allah withdrew from al-Kadha, Ghobari mountain and several other villages in the area to avoid heavy casualties. As mentioned in the previous articles, Ansar Allah was not in a good situation in this area due to …

Mar 10 2021

Yemen: Latest Updates on Taiz, 10 March 2021

Mansour Hadi’s forces and the National Resistance Forces (under command of Tariq Saleh) have launched heavy attacks on Ansar Allah positions in the districts of Jabal Habashi and Muqbana, which have so far led to the fall of the villages of al-Kuwaiha, al-Tawir and Jabal al-Hub.Clashes are currently ongoing between al-Waziyah and al-Barah, as well as in the villages of al-Qash’ah and north of al-Kadha. Ansar Allah is not in a good geographical position in this region and there is a possibility of retreating from these areas in the coming days. FORUM

Jan 23 2021

Yemen: Ansar Allah arrested ISIS commander in Taiz

ISWNews Analysis Group: State ministry of Yemen rescue administration reported to arrest ‘Abi Obaida al-Taizi’, ISIS commander in north of Taiz. ISIS infiltrated recently to Haymah area, north of Taiz province, working against Ansar Allah. Ansar Allah intelligence office and security forces of rescue administration neutralized their activities and searching for hidden cores of ISIS in Haymah. Ansar Allah operation in Haymah area started on January 9, 2021 with collaboration of the tribes of the area and so far three ISIS high rank commanders were killed and one arrested. Smashing ISIS by Ansar Allah; this time in Taiz FORUM

Jan 10 2021

Smashing ISIS by Ansar Allah; this time in Taiz

According to Yemeni media, in this operation which took place in Azlat al-Haymah area, north of Taiz province, tens of ISIS terrorists including three commanders Azam Taha Mohammad Abdullah Al-Abd, Emir of ISIS in northern Taiz, Abdullah Numan Ahmad Seif, in charge of mines and explosives, and Akram Qaed Naji Mohammad were killed, 30 injured and many others arrested.In this operation, tribes of al-Haymah cooperated with Ansar Allah and vowed enmity with ISIS. Images of clashes between Ansar Allah and ISIS in the Azlat al-Hayma area According to footages released and what we have observed from the war in Yemen …