May 26 2021

The Speaker : Syrian people cast their votes in presidential election for the country’s stability and reconstruction

Related Articles Damascus, SANA- Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hammoudah al-Sabbagh cast his vote in the presidential election in a polling station at the People Assembly ‘s building. Al-Sabbagh said that the Syrian people across homeland voice opinion in the presidential election through ballot boxes ,thanks to heroic deeds and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army and bloods of the martyrs who defended Syria’s unity and its independent decision. He indicated that the all the Syrian people cast their votes in the election process for stability and reconstruction of the country. Shaza Qriema FORUM

May 4 2020

Iran: Astana process key step to achieve security and stability in region

Tehran, SANA_ Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi stressed that Astana process to resolving the crisis in Syria is an important and essential step to guarantee security and stability in the region. ” Foreign ministers of the guarantor countries of Astana process (Iran, Russia and Turkey) emphasized, during a videoconference, the importance of continuing Astana meetings,” the Iranian spokesperson said Monday at a press conference. He expressed his hope that a meeting of the guarantor countries will be held in Tehran with the end of the novel Coronavirus pandemic. The Astana meetings began in the Kazakh capital early in 2017. …