Jul 22 2021

Short term landlord insurance-Short term landlord insurance

Short term landlord insurance Short term landlord insurance Recent news headlines Short term landlord insurance Should I buy short-term or long-term bonds? All else being equal, a bond with a longer maturity usually will pay a higher interest rate than a shorter-term bond. For example, 30-year Treasury bonds often pay a full percentage point or two more interest than five-year Treasury notes. The reason: A longer-term bond carries greater risk that higher inflation could reduce the value of payments, as well as greater risk that higher overall interest rates could cause the bond’s price to fall. Bonds with maturities of …

Jun 28 2021

Short term health insurance plans-Short term health insurance plans

Short term health insurance plans Short term health insurance plans News report Short term health insurance plans Welcome to Get Cheap Health Insurance E.M.S. and Sports Injury Rehabilitation It has long been known that EMS devices are effective in rehab environments. When a person has a muscle tear or other muscle injury, the low-level electrical current of electronic muscle stimulators stimulates the muscle. This stimulation is just enough to initiate repair of the muscle. It is very important for those tears to heal so that the muscle becomes stronger. In a rehab environment, the therapist is counting on that repair …

May 26 2020

Two short feature films within the framework of the “Cinema in your House”

Damascus, SANA_ In the framework of the initiative of “The Cinema in your House” launched by The General Establishment for Cinema, the two short feature films “Noise of memory” and “Ten minutes after birth” will be screened this week. The two films will be available to the public for a week through the “Vimeo” platform. This step comes in line with the precautionary measures to address the Coronavirus and in an effort to spread cinematic culture and to continuously communicate with lovers of seventh art, especially those who expect the new from Syrian cinema. The General Establishment for Cinema had …