Apr 30 2020

Military Knowledge: “Shahed 129” Reconnaissance Combat Drone

According to Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, former commander-in-chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Shahed 129 performs reconnaissance and combat operations with a 24hr endurance and combat range of 1,700 km. The UAV can be controlled and guided by portable remote ground control centers.Using guided missiles Sadid, which is designed and manufactured by IRGC aerospace force, Shahed 129 can launch air to ground attacks more precisely as well. “Shahed 129” specifications:– Combat range: 1,700 km– Endurance: 24 hour– Ceiling: 7,300 m (24,000 ft)– Speed: 150 to 200 km– Length: 8 m, wingspan: 16 m– Armament: 8 bombs or 4 guided …