Jun 4 2021

AnsarAllah leader’s important remarks regarding the recent incidents of the region and Yemen

The important parts include:US and Israel activities aim is to remove the Islamic culture identity and “fighting terrorism” is an excuse to intervene in different aspects of culture, media, politics, economy, etc.Saudi and Emirati regimes’ activities are obviously directing the Islamic community to swear allegiance to USA and Israel, and to confront with the Resistance axis. What stops the Israeli enemy to other countries, is the Palestinian resistance and before that the Lebanese resistance.Hezbollah and Palestinian resistance are successful role models which do not have support of any Arabic countries except Iran and Syria.Takfiris intrigue, which targeted Syria, Hezbollah and …

Apr 23 2021

Do not call the Ansar Allah movement “Houthi”!

Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, leader of Ansar Allah movement: “The name “Al-Houthi” is not a name that we call ourselves. Rather, enemies and some friends call it for us, and we do not want it because it is relative to the city of “Houth”, and our project is not limited to a city but rather a Quranic path.” Read more: Audience Question: Houthis or Ansar Allah? FORUM

May 13 2020

Know Yemen better: Looking at position for Saadah province in Yemen

Saadah is a northern province in Yemen with more than 700 thousand population and 11,375 km2 area. The province has 15 districts including Hashwah, Safra, Zaher, Baqim, Hidan, Razih, Saqin, Saher, Shada, Saadah, Ghamar, Qatabar, Kitaf, Mujiz and Munbah.Agriculture and herding are the occupation of most of the people. Handicrafts and minerals in Saadah brought business opportunities for inhabitants of Saadah.Most of western part of the province are suitable for agriculture and has mines due to heights and suitable weather. The eastern part is desert and dry, in which herding is more suitable. Saadah districts Saadah used to be en …

Mar 28 2020

Palestinian resistance groups welcome Ansar Allah’s recent offer

It is said in the statement: “We appreciate this plan which shows solidarity with Palestine nation and resistance.”On the other hand, Hamas called this plan as Yemen nation’s deep responsibility toward ideal of Palestine. The movement demanded Saudi regime to release Hamas prisoners ASAP. Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi in his recent speech for the fifth anniversary of war against Yemen by Saudi-UAE coalition announced they are ready to exchange Hamas prisoners with a Saudi pilot and four officers. Saudi Arabia has captured some of Hamas members since April 2019 and kept under severe torture. Among Palestinian prisoners is Dr. Muhammed …

Mar 27 2020

Important statements by the Ansar Allah leader regarding the recent developments in Yemen

Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi:– I appreciate the Yemen nation specially warriors in battlefield for all their sacrifice and resistance.Resistance of Yemen nation will continue trusting in God and break all the treacheries. – USA and Israel try to picture Arabic states as more criminal than Israel. Who imagined Saudi Arabia and UAE would reach crisis with all their resources. The most important lesson was that we saw the outcome of trusting in God. – Saudi Arabia should change it’s black views and respect its neighbor. The assault should halt and the siege should practically lifted. – I advise traitors to …