Jan 10 2022

Saudi Coalition: Al-Hudaydah is the gateway for Iranian missiles to enter Yemen!

The spokesman of the Saudi coalition, Turki Al-Maliki, in a press conference on January 8, presented a collection of images and videos, emphasizing the participation and widespread support of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) for Ansar Allah. He claimed at the conference that all Ansar Allah operations against coalition merchant ships and navigation were planned and carried out by IRGC advisers in Yemen. The coalition also claims that one of Ansar Allah’s field commanders, Mansour al-Saadi, was responsible for seizing the Emirati ship Rwabee. Al-Maliki continued the conference with statistics on Ansar Allah attacks, which include:“The Houthis (Ansar Allah) …

Jun 25 2021

Infographic: Saudi Coalition and US Aircraft Losses in Yemen War

1- Saudi F15S fighter on March 27, 2015 in the Gulf of Aden2- Saudi AH-64D helicopter on May 7, 2015, Al-Boqa Saada area3- Moroccan F16C fighter on May 10, 2015, Wadi Nashur4- Saudi Seeker400 UAV, July 3, 2015, Al-Boqa5- Saudi AH-64D helicopter, August 5, 2015, Jizan6- Saudi AH-64D helicopter, August 21, 2015, Jizan7- UAE Schiebel Camcopter S-100, August 25, 2015, Makiras, Abyan Province8- UAE Schiebel Camcopter S-100, October 25, 2015, Al-Abdiyah, Marib Province9- Bahrain F16C fighter, December 30, 2015, Jizan10- US MQ-1B Predator UAV, January 19, 2016, Sanaa11- Saudi Selex ES Falco UAV, February 3, 2016, Midi12- UAE Schiebel Camcopter …

Mar 21 2021

Strange deaths in Saudi military officials

It is said that Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz al-Moni’ was killed by Ansar Allah in a recent attack on Saudi coalition positions in Jeddah, but Saudi media reported that his cause of death was drowning on the shores of Jeddah. Earlier, Maj. Gen. Ali bin Zafar al-Shahri, commander of King Abdullah Airbase in Riyadh, was killed after falling from a mountaineering exercise that the announcement of his death took place after the “Fifth Deterrence Balance” operation and other Ansar Allah attacks on Saudi coalition positions in Riyadh. FORUM

Mar 16 2021

Delivery of Chinese drones to the Saudi army

Under the arms deal of the Chinese company Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group with Saudi Arabia in February 2017, which the Chinese media named it as the largest order to build a drone for a foreign country, 50 Wing loong 2 drones have been sold to the Saudi army, and now, four years later, 36 of those orders have been delivered to Saudi Arabia. So far, Ansar Allah has shot down two drones from the first series of Wing loong 2 on April 19, 2019 in the skies of Saadah province and on December 2, 2019 in the skies of Hayran …

Mar 9 2021

Disclosure of information of 600 Saudi intelligence personnel + PDF file

This confidential information includes the status and names of employees along with their telephone numbers and national codes and their home addresses as well as the place where they were educated. The release of this confidential information will deal a heavy blow to the Saudi intelligence service and will greatly affect the morale of the Saudi intelligence forces, who were already confident in their security.Also, the publication of these documents in the current sensitive situation of the Yemeni war and the political and military defeats of Saudi coalition in Yemen, will undermine the hegemony of Saudi Arabia more than ever …

Feb 13 2021

Yemen: Ansar Allah shot down a Saudi drone in Marib + video

Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’ announced the downing of a Chinese-made CH-4 drrone in the skies of the Madghal district in Marib province by a surface-to-air missile. #Yemen:The moment of the downing of the #Saudi CH-4 drone in the sky of Madghal in #Marib province. — IWN (@A7_Mirza) February 13, 2021 FORUM

Jan 12 2021

Details of US and European Contracts and Assistance to Saudi Arabia

According to Western statistics, Saudi Arabia’s military budget after the invasion of Yemen, from 2015 to 2020, has grown by 61 percent to more than 270 billion dollars, which is about 21 percent of the annual budget of the government. These figures make Saudi Arabia the world’s largest arms importer and a top US customer.According to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Saudi Arabia’s military imports from 2015-2019, was 73 percent from the United States, 13 percent from Britain and 4.3 percent from France, indicate widespread Western support for the provocative and War-mongering policies of Saudi Arabia …

Dec 3 2020

What are Kushner’s goals in his trip to Qatar and Saudi Arabia?

According to Qatari news sources, Kushner arrived in Doha on December 2 and met with the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, to discuss regional issues and developments. After Qatar, Kushner is said to be traveling to the Saudi city of Neom to meet with Mohammed bin Salman. Given the US’s past plans in the West Asian region, as well as the imminent end of the Trump administration, this trip seems to pursue three goals: 1- Resolving the disputes between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, 2- Normalizing relations with the Zionist regime, 3- Establishing coordination between the countries of …

Apr 28 2020

Why Saudi coalition bombed east of al-Hazm district areas?

One of the villages is Khasaf , in which al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists supported by Saudi coalition were there. The photos show the extent of the air strikes.Isn’t it that Saudi coalition wanted to conceal its relationship with al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists by heavily bombing their HQ? Pictures of documents showing the presence and participation of al-Qaeda forces in the Saudi coalition forces, which is located in the al-Khasf area east of al-Hazm districts. FORUM

Mar 16 2020

AnsarAllah air defense battle with Saudi coalition warplanes

This heavy volume of air strikes can be done for two reasons:1. Destruction the Ansarallah power and equipments, and prevention from their possible operation.2. Preparation of Saudi coalition forces operation in the Sarwah front. In the current situation, the first option is more possible. Also according to the statements of Brigadier Gen.Yahya Sari the Yemeni armed forces spokesman, the AnsarAllah Fater-1 air defense system succeeded to push the Saudi coalition F15 fighters back to the Saudi Arabia sky, before entering the Al Jawf province sky; and to prevent from their attacks. FORUM

Mar 14 2020

Saudi coalition oil war with Russia

The war started after OPEC and Russia talks regarding oil production reduction failed. Russia rejected Saudi offer to decrease oil production to control the prices. The oil price already plunged due to Coronavirus breakout in China. Thus, Saudi following its mysterious activities, increased its oil production from 12 million BPD to 13 million BPD. Saudi is giving discount to Russian oil customers in north of Europe between 8 to 10.25 dollar per barrel if they buy oil from it. Supporting Saudis, UAE said it’s ready to increase its oil production to 4 million BPD. These acts target Russia directly will …

Mar 8 2020

Deploying of Saudi Army in the Qatif province

Due to the issues like Malik Salman’s absence for days and news about his death, Saudi princes detention, spreading the news about illness outbreak, closing or restricting the connecting roads with neighbor countries and … in recent days in Saudi Arabia, it seems that an important event will be happen in this country. The event that Shiites in Qatif should see it in the quarantine.The Saudi critic media believe that Mohammad bin Salman before have had better situations for detention of princes, but why Muhammad bin Nayef and Ahmad bin Abdulaziz should be arrested now; and in accusation of treason …

Mar 8 2020

Saudi Attack to Al-Hudaydah

According to Sweden agreement, Ansar Allah revoked its forces from the region, these airstrikes are clear violation of the ceasefire and probably Ansar Allah will answer hard. According to latest information, Saudi coalition warplanes targeted the harbor six times. FORUM

Mar 5 2020

The strategic importance of Jawf province liberation for Yemeni Ansar Allah

1. Saudi coalition from two past years has focused all its efforts for occupying the Sana’a to the Nihm and Sarwah fronts, and this important front was the only path in occupation of Sanaa for Saudi Arabia and its allies.In recent operation, Ansar Allah forces cleared this front completely and captured the Jawf province almost completely (the important and main parts of the province). 2. The geographical situation of this province will provide a very good place for firing the Yemeni Cruise and Ballistic missiles, and will cause that Ansar Allah and the Yemeni army have an more effective and …

Mar 1 2020

Map: AnsarAllah liberated Hazm town from Saudi coalition

After liberating al-Ghayl district and recent days engagements in axis west, north and south of al-Hazm, Saudi coalition defense line collapsed in west and south of al-Hazm and Ansar Allah liberated the town in the morning completely.Mansour Hadi’s resigned government and Saudi coalition forces are running away toward Marib and Ansar Allah chased them until six km toward east of al-Hazm. According to our field source the name of areas liberated are as follows:Town and airport of al-Hazm, districts al-Ghayl and Khalaq, areas Jaroub and Harashif in al-Motun district, Hayjah, Qaran Shihat, and areas to al-Jarr.It is noteworthy that during …

Feb 28 2020

Ansar Allah missile units targeted the Saudi positions in Jizan with several missiles

Some Saudi sources have reportedly observed the interception and destroying a missile near Jizan airport, which the visual confirmation has not yet been released for this claim.During the missile attack, the flight from the Riyadh airport was also disrupted. FORUM

Feb 20 2020

Breaking: Severe explosions in the port of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia

Some local sources report a heavy missile attacks by Ansar Allah on the port of Yanbu. But there is no reliable information at this time.Also, some local sources have reported the sighting and destruction of three missiles in the sky.

Feb 16 2020

Images of the downed Saudi Tornado pilot

On February 14, the Yemeni air defense systems shot down a Saudi Tornado fighter jet over the sky of al-Jawf. The warplanes crashed in Maslub district in the Ansar Allah controlled area. The pilot survived the incident and captured by Ansar Allah. Video: The Moment that Saudi Tornado Was Shot Down in Jawf Province

Feb 15 2020

Video: The Moment that Saudi Tornado Was Shot Down in Jawf Province

On February 14, the Yemeni air defense systems shot down a Saudi Tornado fighter jet over the sky of al-Jawf. The warplanes crashed in Maslub district in the Ansar Allah controlled area. The pilot or pilots survived the incident and captured by Ansar Allah. The Moment that Saudi Tornado Was Shot Down in Jawf Province

Feb 14 2020

Breaking: A Saudi Tornado Shot Down in Yemen

Also, according to our source in the area, the warplane was targeted in the sky of al-Motun and fell into al-Maslub district. The source also said the Ansar Allah operation continue in the Marib and Jawf province.