Jan 8 2022

Yemeni women and children being killed by Saudi warplanes

Saudi coalition warplanes attacked the al-Matlouh area on the outskirts of Saada four times today, killing two people and wounding a woman. Meanwhile, Saudi coalition artillery attack on the Wadi Rasian in the district of Muqbanah in Taiz province killed four people, including two children and two women, and wounded two others. In recent years, the Saudi coalition has repeatedly accused Ansar Allah of violations of international law and human rights abuses. This is while, the Saudi airstrikes, often target residential areas and civilian, and Ansar Allah attacks are generally carried out against military bases and Saudi economic facilities. Images …

Feb 28 2021

The Saudi coalition killed a child and a woman in Al-Hudaydah!

Following last night’s Ansar Allah operation against Saudi coalition positions, a few hours ago, coalition aircraft launched three airstrikes on the al-Rabsa neighborhood in al-Hudaydah, killing five people, including a child and a woman and wounding several others. FORUM