Jan 10 2022

Saudi Coalition: Al-Hudaydah is the gateway for Iranian missiles to enter Yemen!

The spokesman of the Saudi coalition, Turki Al-Maliki, in a press conference on January 8, presented a collection of images and videos, emphasizing the participation and widespread support of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) for Ansar Allah. He claimed at the conference that all Ansar Allah operations against coalition merchant ships and navigation were planned and carried out by IRGC advisers in Yemen. The coalition also claims that one of Ansar Allah’s field commanders, Mansour al-Saadi, was responsible for seizing the Emirati ship Rwabee. Al-Maliki continued the conference with statistics on Ansar Allah attacks, which include:“The Houthis (Ansar Allah) …

Nov 3 2021

Supporters of the ousted Mansour Hadi government issued a statement against the Saudi coalition!

Following the successive defeats of Mansour Hadi forces and the Saudi coalition against Ansar Allah on the battlefield, six parties supporting the ousted Mansour Hadi government held a meeting in the city of Marib and issued a statement, sharply criticizing its leaders for military, political and economic defeats. They accused the Saudi coalition, the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the United States of inaction and disregard for Marib developments. These parties are:1- Al-Islah Party (Yemeni Congregation for Reform) – This party is in fact the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen.2- General People’s Congress – This party …

Jan 12 2021

Details of US and European Contracts and Assistance to Saudi Arabia

According to Western statistics, Saudi Arabia’s military budget after the invasion of Yemen, from 2015 to 2020, has grown by 61 percent to more than 270 billion dollars, which is about 21 percent of the annual budget of the government. These figures make Saudi Arabia the world’s largest arms importer and a top US customer.According to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Saudi Arabia’s military imports from 2015-2019, was 73 percent from the United States, 13 percent from Britain and 4.3 percent from France, indicate widespread Western support for the provocative and War-mongering policies of Saudi Arabia …

May 31 2020

Yemen: Ansar Allah and Saudi coalition engagement south of al-Hudaydah

It intensified by Saudi coalition air striking Beit Maghazi village, which is obvious violation of ceasefire, and ground battle continued so far in north and west of Hays.Ansar Allah advanced in west of Hays and blocked west of Hays road for hours.Considering the current situation, reclaiming Hays town is not difficult for Ansar Allah and in case of Sweden agreement abolished it can happen shortly. FORUM

May 24 2020

Yemen: Repelling Saudi coalition attack to Ansar Allah in al-Jawf

Saudi coalition forces with support of Marib tribes in recent days (21 and 22 May) attacked Ansar Allah positions from Labanat base to al-Aqsha’ and Nadar heights in east of Hazm front which was repelled by Ansar Allah decisive defense. Ansar Allah’s tactic in this battle was to retreat apparently and tempt the coalition forces to open plains and target their AFVs and vehicles by accurate anti armor missiles.Wrong tactics on ground and blind air support by Saudi coalition were main reasons of their failure. Saudi coalition warplanes performed more than 40 fruitless air strikes to these areas. FORUM

May 17 2020

Yemen: Latest Updates on STC and Hadi Forces Clashes

Today, the southerners attacked on Qarn al-Kalasi region, after repelling the Hadi forces attacks on al-Tariah and Sheikh Salem.Also, it is said that “Anis al-Sabihi” (image) the STC field commander in Shabwah, have been captured by Mansour Hadi forces during this morning clashes in Abyan province.On the other hand, the Saudi coalition has criticized of the banning the coastal guard forces activities on the southern coasts by the STC, and it seems that more pressure will be put on the STC by the Saudis in the coming days. FORUM

May 17 2020

Saudi Coalition; Maritime Warmonger!

Al Masirah TV reported according to an official in al Hudaydah harbor, that so far Saudi coalition detained 22 ships containing fuel and food for Yemeni people.These ships carrying 500 thousand tons fuels including gasoline and oil, more than eight thousand gas, ten thousand flour and nine thousand rice. According to Sweden agreement and UN obligations, these ships should arrive at al Hudaydah harbor but due to Saudi pirating and pressures, these ships are detained so far. In the same sense the headlines are focused on maritime news including Iranian tankers moving to Venezuela, USA threats and today’s proclaim by …

May 16 2020

Latest Updates on Yemen, 16 May 2020 (Map Update)

1. The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman:– In past weeks, enemy forces have carried out more than 10 operations in the al-Jawf, Marib, al-Baydha, al-Dhale, Taiz and Saadah fronts.– The number of Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in the last week have reached to 258 strikes.– The enemy warplanes carried out 1,068 airstrikes and more than 86 operations in Yemen, since April 9 until now. 2. The Saudi coalition airstrikes:Saudi coalition warplanes struck the al-Baydha province 11 times, al-Hajjah province 4 times, al-Khasf region and the al-Shaaf and Khab district 10 times, the Majzar and Madghal districts 17 times, and the al-Sharaf region …

May 12 2020

Ansar Allah attack to Saudi coalition south of al-Boqa + Map

In this attack several AFVs and military vehicles were destroyed and several Saudi-led forces killed and injured. Ansar Allah forces returned to their position in Aziyaq mountain after the successful attack. Currently liberation of Yatmah and al-Boqa is not difficult for Ansar Allah but it seems Ansar Allah left the area of north of al-Jawf and Saadah open to drain Saudi coalition strength and impose heavy casualties and damage to them. FORUM

May 11 2020

Breaking: Saudi Coalition UAV Downed by Ansar Allah

This drone is an example of the American MQ-9 drone, which is capable of carrying 250 kilograms of bombs and endurance of 40 hours and maximum range of 5000 km.This is the fourth kind of this drone to be shot down by Ansar Allah during the Yemen war. FORUM

May 2 2020

Saudi Coalition Heavy Airstrikes on Baydha

Saudi-led coalition warplanes struck Affar Customs in Baydha, destroying 11 trucks carrying food, household appliances and electricity generators. Operations and heavy bombardment by the Saudi coalition continue while the coalition have extended the ceasefire in Yemen on April 24, for another month! FORUM

Apr 28 2020

Why Saudi coalition bombed east of al-Hazm district areas?

One of the villages is Khasaf , in which al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists supported by Saudi coalition were there. The photos show the extent of the air strikes.Isn’t it that Saudi coalition wanted to conceal its relationship with al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists by heavily bombing their HQ? Pictures of documents showing the presence and participation of al-Qaeda forces in the Saudi coalition forces, which is located in the al-Khasf area east of al-Hazm districts. FORUM

Apr 28 2020

Image: Liberation operation of al-Labanat base and eastern areas of al-Hazm city

After the falling of al-Labanat base, the Saudi coalition forces attacked several times on this axis that were failed, and finally, Ansar Allah positions were stabilized in these areas after April 10th. FORUM

Apr 28 2020

Latest Updates on al-Baydha Front, 27 April 2020

According to the latest news from the Mukayras front, Saudi coalition forces have stopped in Taran mountain (east of Aqaba Al Tharah) and Saleh Al Shajari forces have attacked on al-Aqlah region in the west of Al Sumaah district, with the help of Al-Qaeda members.Al Amer tribes also clashed today with Al-Qaeda forces, that in these clashes 12 of two sides have been killed and 7 been wounded. In the al-Baydha province, in the al-Sumaah and al-Zaher fronts, Ansar Allah forces are clashing with united tribes and Al-Qaedah, and in northern front of Radaa district are clashing with ISIS. Meanwhile, …

Apr 26 2020

Latest Updates on Yemen, 26 April 2020

1. Yemeni armed forces spokesman:– Our forces repelled the enemy attack in the Raghwan district in the Marib province.– During the past 24 hours, enemy warplanes carried out 18 airstrikes (including 13 attacks on Sarwah district, 4 attacks on Majzar district and one attack on Kataf district) on the Marib and Saadah provinces. 2. The Yemeni oil company confirmed releasing the Fali ship by the Saudi coalition. This ship carries more than 12,000 tons of gasoline and arrived to its destination, Al Hudaydah, after 42 days of detention in the Jizan port. 3. Dhale:Ansar Allah fired two Zilzal rockets on …

Apr 26 2020

Video: Saudi coalition forces retreated from Aden central bank

Following the Riyadh agreement in last year, presidential palace, airport, central bank and other government buildings in Aden were controlled by Mansour Hadi resigned government and Saudi coalition backed forces. FORUM

Apr 25 2020

Latest Updates on Yemen, 25 April 2020

1. Yemeni armed forces spokesman:– During the past 24 hours, enemy warplanes have carried out 29 airstrikes on the Marib, Al Jawf, Saadah, Dhale and Sanaa provinces.– These attacks have included 12 attacks on the Majzar district, 4 attacks on Sarwah district, 6 attacks on the Khab and al-Shaaf districts, 4 attacks on the Rasah village in the Dhale province, 2 attacks on Kataf district and one attack on Hamdan district. 2. Al Baydhaa:The Aqba Tharah area is under the control of Ansar Allah, and the Saudi coalition forces attack in this axis, was failed.In general, Mukayris is located higher …

Apr 22 2020

Latest updates on Yemen, 22 April 2020

1. Spokesperson of Yemeni armed forces:– Our forces repelled four attacks of enemy in axes Rabua outskirts and Baqim, Nate and Qaniya in Baydha province, Hayfan in Taiz province and districts Khab and Shaaf in al Jawf province.– In these engagements more than 30 enemy troops killed and 45 injured.– Enemy warbirds launched 35 air strikes including 23 attacks to districts Majzar and Sarwah, seven to Khab and Shaaf districts and five to Kitaf district. 2. Al Hudaydah:Saudi coalition forces violated ceasefire in the province 89 times in the last 24 hours. 3. Abdul Qader Murtadha, head of POW committee …

Apr 11 2020

Latest updates on Yemen, 10 April 2020

1. General Yahya al-Sari’, Yemeni armed forces spokesperson:– Our forces repelled six attacks in fronts Qaniya, Jarbiyat and Nate in Baydha province, Sirwah district in Marib province and Dhabab area in Taiz province from early morning until today noon.– Saudi coalition warplanes bombed Khab and Shaaf districts seven times. 2. Al Hudaydah:Intra-Saudi coalition conflicts erupted between Tariq Salih and Tihamah forces in Abu Musa Ash’ari base near Khukhah town. According to local sources, six of Tihamah forces and 11 of Tariq Salih forces are killed and 15 injured. 3. Saadah:Ansar Allah shot down a Saudi coalition drone over Razih district …

Apr 9 2020

Ceasefire in Yemen under shadow of war

According to Turki al-Maliki, Saudi coalition spokesperson, the ceasefire starts from Thursday and if Houthis (AnsarAllah) participate in the negotiations, it can be extended and even an opportunity to achieve full ceasefire in Yemen. Ansar Allah officials reported to talk with Martin Griffiths, UN special envoy, regarding it. Ansar Allah proposed its plan in three axes:1. Finishing the war and starting ceasefire.2. Lifting the all aspect and inhumane sanctions and siege against Yemen.3. The future of Yemen politics, including dependency, lack of interference of security council countries in Yemen’s affairs until Yemenis reach agreement. Saudi coalition ceasefire was announced while …

Apr 8 2020

Bombing Sanaa by Saudi coalition warbirds

Indeed these attacks intend to provoke Ansar Allah’s missile attack followed by Saudis playing innocent. Saudi coalition media are told to playing innocent these days. Yemeni armed forces spokesperson in a tweet today said the coalition attacks won’t be left unanswered. P.S. The probability of Ansar Allah drone and missile attack to Saudi Arabia in future hours is high. FORUM

Mar 31 2020

Saudi coalition airstrikes on Sanaa city

Saudi coalition claim to destroy infrastructure and Ansar Allah’s missile silos in these raids and called it an answer to Ansar Allah’s recent missile attack to Riyadh and other Saudi Arabia towns. Muhammed al-Bukhaiti (member of political office and a high commander of AnsarAllah) said in interview with Al Jazeera: “These attacks will not be unanswered and we and we can attack deeper in Saudi soil.” In addition to Sanaa, cities al-Hudaydah, al-Jawf, Marib and Saadah were attacked by Saudi coalition air strikes and it is expected Ansar Allah retaliates by attacking in Saudi soil again. FORUM

Mar 26 2020

Report: The statistics of damages imposed on Yemen during the five years of war

This center stated:– The number of killed (martyrs) and wounded people during the five years of war in Yemen have risen to 42582.– The number of killed (martyrs) are 16618 persons that include 3725 children and 2357 women.– The number of wounded persons are 25964, that 3942 of them are children and 2721 are women.– The number of damaged and destructed infrastructures and establishments are 8610.– The Saudi coalition attacks have led to destruction and damage 15 airports, 16 ports, 297 power stations and 520 communication station network.– 1990 depots and networks of water, 1953 governmental establishments and 3819 roads …

Mar 24 2020

Infographic: Five years of steadfastness

Download Yemeni Armed Forces press conference at the end of fifth year of war in Yemen FORUM

Mar 18 2020

Details of the “Fa’amkon Minhom” operation by the spokesman of Yemeni Armed Forces

Brigadier Gen. Yahya al-Sari’, the Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman:– The operation for liberating of al-Jawf province, proved our power in imposing the new equations on the enemy.– Our continued victories are the result of the achieving of our forces to the points that our leader Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi has mentioned.– The direction of operation was the southern axis of al-Jawf province, that districts of al-Hazm, al-Maslub, al-Ghayl, al-Khalq, al-Motun to Khab and Shaaf were liberated during it.– Enemy forces in this region named “sixth zone”, are consisted of six brigades and three battalions of Salafi mercenaries and armed groups.– …

Mar 16 2020

Breaking: Ansar Allah missile attack to Marib

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah missile units have targeted the Saudi-led coalition base Sahn al-Jinn in north of Marib city. FORUM

Mar 11 2020

Map: Latest military Situation on the Najran – Hazm fronts, 11 March 2020

– Al-Hazm front– Al-Mahashamah front– Al-Yatmah front– Al-Ajasher front– Al-Boqa’ front On the al-Hazm front, with the liberation of the al-Hazm town and continuation of operations by AnsarAllah and Popular Committees in the depths of the eastern deserts of al-Hazm to the important al-Labanat military base, the Saudi coalition effectively lost its leverages for further and possible future operations toward Saadah and Amran provinces; and even more importantly, the security of the Saudi coalition positions in the Marib province declined sharply.Currently, Ansar Allah operation continues on the north axis of the al-Labanat base, and with the completion of advances on …

Mar 8 2020

Breaking: Ansar Allah Advances in northern Jawf

Saudi coalition warplanes have bombed Yatmah and al-Mahashima 12 times so far. Saudi coalition air and artillery attacks on these areas continue, and Ansar Allah may forced to retreat from some of the liberated positions. FORUM

Mar 5 2020

The strategic importance of Jawf province liberation for Yemeni Ansar Allah

1. Saudi coalition from two past years has focused all its efforts for occupying the Sana’a to the Nihm and Sarwah fronts, and this important front was the only path in occupation of Sanaa for Saudi Arabia and its allies.In recent operation, Ansar Allah forces cleared this front completely and captured the Jawf province almost completely (the important and main parts of the province). 2. The geographical situation of this province will provide a very good place for firing the Yemeni Cruise and Ballistic missiles, and will cause that Ansar Allah and the Yemeni army have an more effective and …

Mar 2 2020

Latest Updates on al-Jawf Battles

Today, some Saudi coalition media claimed recapturing the al-Hazm and with postponing the announcement by Brigadier Gen. Yahya Sari’, spokesman of Yemeni Armed Forces about the recent advances, fake news of coalition media were increased. According to the latest news and based on our sources in the area, Ansar Allah has attacked to eastern desert of al-Jawf, after liberating the al-Jarr and surrounding villages, and so far they have succeeded to clean all of the north east heights of al-Hazm including the al-Zawira, Rawah, al-Jamrah, and al-Lawz Mountains, and the al-Seel, Wadi Raak, and al-Nadar areas. Now, the Clashes are …

Mar 2 2020

Ansar Allah advances east of Hazm

Clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continue in the area and Ansar Allah trying to capture more villages such as Saed, Anba and Marqaah.According to local reports, Al-Akimi the governor of al-Jawf (appointed by Hadi) lost another son in the recent days clashes. Now he escaped to Marib… FORUM

Mar 1 2020

Map: AnsarAllah liberated Hazm town from Saudi coalition

After liberating al-Ghayl district and recent days engagements in axis west, north and south of al-Hazm, Saudi coalition defense line collapsed in west and south of al-Hazm and Ansar Allah liberated the town in the morning completely.Mansour Hadi’s resigned government and Saudi coalition forces are running away toward Marib and Ansar Allah chased them until six km toward east of al-Hazm. According to our field source the name of areas liberated are as follows:Town and airport of al-Hazm, districts al-Ghayl and Khalaq, areas Jaroub and Harashif in al-Motun district, Hayjah, Qaran Shihat, and areas to al-Jarr.It is noteworthy that during …

Feb 28 2020

Ansar Allah missile units targeted the Saudi positions in Jizan with several missiles

Some Saudi sources have reportedly observed the interception and destroying a missile near Jizan airport, which the visual confirmation has not yet been released for this claim.During the missile attack, the flight from the Riyadh airport was also disrupted. FORUM

Feb 27 2020

Latest updates on al-Jawf battles, 26 February 2020

Today’s attacks were in three axes:1- Rawd to Salamat crossroad2- Shqawaq to Adhbah3- North of Wadi Yibar So far no updates on stabilizing the advances of Ansar Allah but some sources claimed Ansar Allah liberated Rawd, Adhbah, Quwayhish and Nobat Saber.Saudi coalition warplanes raided these areas more than 21 times today which is an indication of severity of battle in Ghyal and north of Majzar (Marib province) front. Saudi coalition deployed a large convoy of reinforcement and equipment from Marib to Hazm which show’s coalition’s determination to prevent fall of Hazm.It should be noted that the report by Muhammed al-Arab, …

Feb 26 2020

Breaking: Ansar Allah shot down a Saudi coalition spy drone in the Souh area


Feb 22 2020

Breaking: Ansar Allah missile attack to Saudi coalition base in Marib

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to Ansar Allah missile attack to Saudi coalition forces gathering in Shan al-Jinn base, in Marib, a high number of troops are killed and injured.

Feb 20 2020

Breaking: Saudi coalition helicopter downed in Hadhramaut

ISWNews Analysis Group: Local sources in Hadhramaut province (central Yemen) reported the crash of a Saudi coalition helicopter in al-Aqqad area.

Feb 18 2020

Map: Durayhimi under siege and fire

The attacks were launched by Saudi coalition artillery and ground forces and after several hours of engagement, some of warriors of Durayhimi martyred. Durayhimi town has a population of five thousand and besieged by Saudi coalition since July 2018 and only groups of Ansar Allah troops could break the siege couple of times to bring aids to Durayhimi.In despite of Sweden agreement, Saudi coalition does not let humanitarian aids of UN to come inside Durayhimi. Click to see the full size map

Feb 17 2020

Latest updates on Jawf front, 17 February 2020

North of Hazm: Ansar Allah after repelling Saudi coalition from Aqabah and Wadi Kharab, expanded their attacks to mount Rayhan(overlooking Hazm Jawf area road), mount Shahla and Kharab. According to latest information by our local source, Ansar Allah liberated mount Rayhan and engagement to reclaim mounts Shahla and Kharab is continuing. Ghayl axis:Saudi coalition led forces under aerial support defend firmly, however Ansar Allah could cleanse Maqati’ heights in this district. Engagements continuing in other fronts and in case of stabilizing advances you will be informed by detailed map.

Feb 17 2020

Saudis engagement with east of Yemen tribes

The confrontation happened after the tribes protested Saudis presence in these areas and afterward Saudi’s helicopters dispatched to the area. The battle is in outskirts of Fujit area and between districts Hat and Shahan.Shahan district in Mahrah province located in the east of Yemen at the border with Oman. Tribes of the area have been always against presence of Saudi forces and projects.

Feb 16 2020

Images of the downed Saudi Tornado pilot

On February 14, the Yemeni air defense systems shot down a Saudi Tornado fighter jet over the sky of al-Jawf. The warplanes crashed in Maslub district in the Ansar Allah controlled area. The pilot survived the incident and captured by Ansar Allah. Video: The Moment that Saudi Tornado Was Shot Down in Jawf Province

Feb 15 2020

Video: The Moment that Saudi Tornado Was Shot Down in Jawf Province

On February 14, the Yemeni air defense systems shot down a Saudi Tornado fighter jet over the sky of al-Jawf. The warplanes crashed in Maslub district in the Ansar Allah controlled area. The pilot or pilots survived the incident and captured by Ansar Allah. The Moment that Saudi Tornado Was Shot Down in Jawf Province

Feb 14 2020

Breaking: A Saudi Tornado Shot Down in Yemen

Also, according to our source in the area, the warplane was targeted in the sky of al-Motun and fell into al-Maslub district. The source also said the Ansar Allah operation continue in the Marib and Jawf province.

Feb 7 2020

Latest Updates on battles of Marib and Jawf, Yemen

According to the ISWNews field sources, Ansar Allah was successful in recapturing the mount of Hilan and Atyas in the eastern front of Sarwah from Saudi coalition, and the clashes are continuing in these regions.Hilan crossroad, Al Kasarat, Al Mashjah and Kofal base are under firing of Ansar Allah. Also, the pro-Saudi media revealed that Ansar Allah targeted Khamis Mushait airport with missile but the attack was intercepted by the Saudi air defense systems. Clashes between Saudi-led forces and Ansar Allah are continuing in the Ghayl district and south of al-Hazm in Jawf province and the lines are as before.