Apr 22 2021

Ansar Allah heavy attack on the eastern front of Sarwah (Map Update)

The strong defense of the Saudi coalition in these areas depended on the presence of the terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS, as well as the heavy bombardment of Saudi warplanes and etc. But Ansar Allah’s attack today is different and most of clashes are focused on Zat al-Raa and Talaat al-Hamra fronts. AnsarAllah is pushing forward… Click to see the full size map FORUM

Feb 9 2021

Yemen: Ansar Allah advance east of Sarwah (Map Update)

Ansar Allah and popular committees liberated the important area of Kufil mountain and its pumping station form the Saudi-led forces in Marib province. Saudi coalition warplanes bombed Sarwah district fronts seven times in the last 48 hours. If Ansar Allah advances in east of Sarwah road, it can be said that Ansar Allah serious plan to capture Marib city has started. However Marib dam is the primary target of Ansar Allah in this axis. Interactive map of Marib Click to see the full size map FORUM

May 8 2020

Latest Updates on Marib Front, 9 May 2020 + Map

According to Brigadier Gen.Yahya Sari’, Yemeni armed forces spokesman, the Saudi heavy attack in the Sarwah front has been repelled and during these clashes, the Saudi coalition fighter jets bombed the Ansar Allah positions in the east of Sarwah, 20 times. Also, in the past days, Muhammad Abdul Karim al-Hamran, one of the Ansar Allah field commanders was martyred in the Sarwah front. Now, there is no serious action by Ansar Allah for advancing in the Sarwah axis and the west of the Marib province, and the contact lines have not been changed. FORUM