Mar 5 2021

Pope’s trip to Iraq at a critical time

Pope Francis, the world’s Catholic leader during a three-day visit to Iraq, which was organized at the request of Cardinal Louis Sako, the leader of the Chaldean minority, and at the official invitation of the Iraqi government, will visit the cities of Baghdad, Ur, Mosul and Erbil, and meet with Ayatollah Sistani in Najaf. The importance of this trip, regardless of the visit of a religious leader to Iraq, is in its political and symbolic messages. In fact, programs such as joint worship with Muslims, visiting common religious sites of Muslims and Christians, memorial ceremony for war victims and etc. …

Feb 15 2021

Breaking: Rocket attacks on Erbil Airport

Iraqi resistance group, Saraya Oliya al-Dam took responsibility for the attack stating that at 9:15 on February 15, several rockets fired toward the Airport and inflicted heavy losses to US forces in the area. At least five civilians were wounded due to the rocket attack so far. Also several rockets or the remnant of the rockets fell on several areas of Erbil city. Three rockets hit the Waziran and Bakhtiyari neighborhoods, one of which hit the wall of the Chinese consulate. FORUM