Nov 3 2021

Syrian Army sends new military convoys to Saraqib

On October 2, a Syrian military convoy, consisting of dozens of military vehicles, tanks and personnel carriers, entered the city of Saraqib with a number of troops. The move comes after sporadic clashes between SAA forces and the Turkish-backed militants in Idlib province. On the evening of October 31, Syrian Army forces and Turkish-backed militants clashed in the Saraqib, Afis, and Ruwayha areas. Also at noon yesterday, the exchange of fire between the Syrian army and the militants were reported in the Saraqib axis which lasted for an hour. The strengthening of the Syrian army positions in the Saraqib axis …

Mar 2 2020

Map: Latest Military Situation of Saraqib

Yesterday, the Syrian Army spearheaded by the Syrian Resistance Forces i.e. Nubl and Zahraa and Fuah forces and Hezbollah forces, entered the town of Saraqib and during the hard fights, the terrorists were expelled from the city; And since this morning the city has been completely taken over by the Syrian Army. After that, Russian Military Police entered Saraqib this afternoon and officially declared the city unconquerable! With the liberation of Saraqib by the Resistance Forces, it has been proven to many again, including the Syrians and the Russians, that if everyone does the job assigned to him properly and …

Mar 2 2020

Russian Military Police stationed at Saraqib

The statement said that today at 5 pm Moscow time, Russian Military Police units were entered to Saraqib city in Syria’s Idlib province; task of these forces is ensuring security of civilians and also unobstructed traffic in the M4 and M5 paths. The entering of Russian forces to the Saraqib, was like a bucket of cold water on terrorists and Erdogan, and also an end to the unprecedented tensions in the past 48 hours between Syria and Turkey.New developments are forming… FORUM

Mar 2 2020

Map: Syrian Army recaptured Saraqib!

Syrian Army and resistance forces entered the eastern parts of Saraqib since yesterday afternoon, and by the end of this morning the settlement was completely cleared of the occupation of Tahrir al-Sham and other Turkish-backed groups. Click to see the full size map FORUM

Mar 1 2020

Turkish or Syrian fighter shot down over Saraqib!؟

At first media of Tahrir al Sham reported of shooting down a Syrian fighter jet over Saraqib, on the other hand Syrian media reported of shooting down a Turkish drove over Saraqib…However after this incident, general staff of Syrian army, issued a statement regarding closure of Idlib airspace and said any aircraft will be treated as target. Militants cheer did not last long since the shot down aircraft was a Turkish drone. FORUM

Feb 29 2020

Image: Saraqib under heavy airstrikes


Feb 27 2020

Map: Saraqib military situation

Villages Tornaba, San, Jobas, Dadikh, Zakar, Kadura and Kafr Batik after Saraqib were occupied by militants. In the last two days villages Nayrab and Afis were occupied by militants. Currently engagements in south of Saraqib axes between militants and Syrian army forces are continuing.Saraqib city and outskirts are under artillery and Russia’s warplanes are bombing. Reinforcement are deployed to the region. Click to see the full size map FORUM

Feb 27 2020

Map: HTS captured Saraqib!

During the past two days, two villages of Nayrib and Afis have been recaptured by terrorists too.Currently, heavy clashes continue around the Saraqib. FORUM

Feb 27 2020

Map: Militants captured Afis, SAA the whole Zawiya mountain!

With the advances that took place, Zawiya mountain actually came under the Syrian army control and the Turkish observation post at Sher Moghar will soon be completely besieged by the Syrian army. Most part of al-Ghab Plain is also considered militarily liberated. The initiative in this axis is still in the hands of the Syrian Army; the Syrian Army can continue advances along the al-Ghab Plain to the north to cut the M4 highway, or directly into the depths of Arbaein mountain, and by simultaneously moving from the Nayrab axis, scissors the militants in Arbaein mountain or a combination of …

Feb 21 2020

Video: Aerial footage of Turkish artillery attacks on Syria

The images were taken during today’s joint operation by the Turkish army and terrorists against the Syrian army positions in Nayrab front near Saraqib.This afternoon, the Turkish military, in clear violation of international law, launched joint artillery and ground attacks with various terrorist groups against the Syrian army in Idlib province. However, the attacks failed and two Turkish soldiers were killed.

Feb 11 2020

Will Turkey go to full scale war with Syria?

Erdogan’s determination in supporting terrorists ruling Idlib, after their military post was targeted and six Turkish troops were killed near Saraqib, has increased. In despite that Turkish troops presence in Saraqib military post was not informed to Russians, but Turkey is very furious about it and considering the Turkish diplomats in bargaining in negotiations, they are after more privileges after incidents of Idlib. It was stressed by Erdogan in his last speech and he decried Russia’s and Iran’s support for Syrian army, gave Syrian army deadline to end operation in Idlib and retreat until the end of February. Following Erdogan’s …