Mar 2 2020

Map: Latest Military Situation of Saraqib

Yesterday, the Syrian Army spearheaded by the Syrian Resistance Forces i.e. Nubl and Zahraa and Fuah forces and Hezbollah forces, entered the town of Saraqib and during the hard fights, the terrorists were expelled from the city; And since this morning the city has been completely taken over by the Syrian Army. After that, Russian Military Police entered Saraqib this afternoon and officially declared the city unconquerable! With the liberation of Saraqib by the Resistance Forces, it has been proven to many again, including the Syrians and the Russians, that if everyone does the job assigned to him properly and …

Feb 27 2020

Map: Saraqib military situation

Villages Tornaba, San, Jobas, Dadikh, Zakar, Kadura and Kafr Batik after Saraqib were occupied by militants. In the last two days villages Nayrab and Afis were occupied by militants. Currently engagements in south of Saraqib axes between militants and Syrian army forces are continuing.Saraqib city and outskirts are under artillery and Russia’s warplanes are bombing. Reinforcement are deployed to the region. Click to see the full size map FORUM