Mar 6 2020

American TOW missiles and damaged vehicles left behind by terrorists in Saraqeb – PHOTOS

Idleb, SANA – While canvassing Saraqeb city in Idleb’s southeastern countryside, Syrian Arab Army uncovered American-made TOW missiles and damaged vehicles left behind by the defeated Turkish regime-backed terrorists. A field commander said that during the canvassing operation in Saraqeb city, army units uncovered laser-guided anti-armor TOW missiles in addition to their tripod mounts which were used by terrorists against the Syrian Arab Army. On Aleppo-Damascus international highway, SANA’s camera documented the movements of the civilian cars on the road which the army had secured by dismantling mines and explosives from the its surroundings. A field commander said to SANA’s …

Mar 4 2020

Army thwarts two terrorist attacks in Idleb countryside

Related Articles Idleb, SANA- Units of the Syrian Arab Army repelled an attack by Turkish regime-backed terrorist organizations on Tranbah village west of Saraqeb and Shansharah archaeological site in Idleb southeastern countryside. SANA’s reporter said Wednesday that the Syrian Army units thwarted an attack by Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorists on Tranbah village west of Saraqeb city in Idleb southeastern countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists’ ranks in personnel and arms. On the direction of Idleb southern countryside, the reporter said that army units thwarted terrorist attack supported by Turkish occupation forces on Shansharah archaeological site in Ma’aret al-Nu’man area …

Feb 17 2020

Two humanitarian corridors opened in Aleppo and Idleb countryside

Idleb, SANA – The authorities opened two humanitarian corridors under the supervision of Syrian Arab Army units in Miznar in Aleppo’s western countryside and in Mjairez west of Saraqeb city in Idleb to provide safe passage for citizens from areas controlled by terrorists. A medical source told SANA’s reporter at Mjairez corridor that a mobile clinic with doctors, paramedics, and nurses are ready to receive locals and provide medical services, and that an ambulance with its staff is also available at the corridor to transport cases that need special care to hospitals. The source said the corridor has a team …

Feb 9 2020

Army discovers underground headquarters for terrorists in Saraqeb, Idleb

Idleb, SANA_ During the canvassing operations in Saraqeb city in eastern Idleb province, the Syrian Arab army units discovered a fortified underground headquarters for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, SANA reporter said. The headquarters includes several rooms linked by a complex network of tunnels.

Feb 8 2020

Saraqeb town after its liberation from terrorism – PHOTOS

Feb 8 2020

Syrian Arab Army units complete dismantling explosives and landmines left behind by terrorists in Saraqeb city

Idleb SANA- SANA’s reporter said Saturday that Syrian Arab Army units completed acts of dismantling explosives and landmines left behind by terrorists in Saraqeb city after expelling terrorism from it. Last Thursday, units of the Syrian Arab Army liberated the city of Saraqeb and started to remove what the terrorists have left behind. More to follow…