Jul 7 2021

Afghanistan: IWN field report on Balkhab situation

ISWNEWS field source report on Balkhab situation:“Last night, hundreds of Taliban militants attacked various areas of Balkhab district in Sar-e Pol province. The attacks, which were planned on the route from Sancharak and Abkalan to Balkhab, were repulsed by the Popular Mobilization Forces with little Taliban advance in the early hours.At the beginning of the attack, the enemy’s propaganda war created fear among the people of Balkhab, and a large number of Balkhab residents and immigrants who had taken refuge in the districts of Gosfandi, Sancharak and Zare (in Balkh province) were displaced. But with the efforts of the people …

Feb 22 2020

Afghanistan: Sar-e Pol under Abdullah Abdullah!

Yesterday Mohammed Nour Rahmani was appointed by Abdullah Abdullah as the governor of Sar-e Pol, and supporters of General Dostum marched in support of him today and gathered in front of the governor’s office. Sar-e Pol Province, with a population of more than 700,000, is located in northern Afghanistan and has a significant role in controlling the northern parts of the country. The majority of the province’s residents are Hazaras and Uzbeks.