Jul 22 2020

Know Yemen better: Looking at position for Sanaa province in Yemen

Sanaa province located in western part of Yemen with capital of historical city of Sanaa has a population of almost 4 million and area of 13,850 km2 which is the biggest city in Yemen.Sanaa city is surrounded between mounts Nuqm on east and Ayban in west was founded and expanded through the history and undergone significant changes since 1962 revolution.The weather is mild usually and people work in government, industrial or business jobs. Sanaa has been capital of ancient civilizations such as Saba and Hamdan before Islam and after Imam Ali (as) traveled there and Yemenis accepted Islam the position …

May 13 2020

Map: Investigating the Ansar Allah Advances in the Past 3 months

On January 17, 2020, Saudi-led coalition forces launched a new operation to advance on the Nihm Axis in northeast of Sanaa province and take full control of the area. The Nihm area in the northeastern part of Sanaa is considered a gateway to Sanaa city, and the Saudi coalition has not been able to achieve much success in recent years in this front, despite various attacks and operations and all the attacks on the Nihm front were repulsed and stopped by Ansar Allah and the Populaer Committees.But this time, Ansar Allah not only repelled the attacks, but also pursued and …

Mar 31 2020

Saudi coalition airstrikes on Sanaa city

Saudi coalition claim to destroy infrastructure and Ansar Allah’s missile silos in these raids and called it an answer to Ansar Allah’s recent missile attack to Riyadh and other Saudi Arabia towns. Muhammed al-Bukhaiti (member of political office and a high commander of AnsarAllah) said in interview with Al Jazeera: “These attacks will not be unanswered and we and we can attack deeper in Saudi soil.” In addition to Sanaa, cities al-Hudaydah, al-Jawf, Marib and Saadah were attacked by Saudi coalition air strikes and it is expected Ansar Allah retaliates by attacking in Saudi soil again. FORUM

Feb 10 2020

Latest updates on Yemen, 10 February 2020

1. Jawf: – Sporadic engagements in Ghayl, Motun and Maslub districts. – Saudi coalition warplanes raided these three districts eight times. 2. Al Hudaydah: – Saudi coalition artillery bombed areas of 16 kilo, Durayhimi, Tuhayta, Jah and Shajan. – Ansar Allah shot down a spy drone of Saudi coalition over 16 kilo area. 3. Sanaa: – Saudi coalition warplanes attacked Fardhah area in Nihm district 10 times. – Saudi coalition claimed to reoccupy heights Salb in west of Marib and northeast of Sanaa. Photos above show Ansar Allah controlling Salb heights and Saudi coalition base in this area. 4. Taiz: …

Feb 8 2020

Analyzing the process of Yemen war in recent months

Simultaneous with statements of Yemeni armed forces spokesman that called this year as the year of air defense and victory, the advances and offensive operations of Ansar Allah in the north of Dhale’, north of Saadah and now the operation of Bonyan Al Marsous (in the Nihm, west of Marib and Jawf) are done that is led to realizing the victory of Ansar Allah against Saudi coalition. As we have seen in recent months, Ansar Allah has started the advancing and cleaning the sensitive and important regions, after developing its missile, drone and air defense power.The operation for pushing back …