Sep 5 2021

Statement by the Yemeni Armed Forces on Operation “Seventh Deterrence Balance”

According to the Yahya al-Sari’, during the operation, Ansar Allah targeted the Aramco facility at the Raas Tanura in Dammam with eight Sammad-3 drones and one Zulfaqar missile. Aramco’s facilities in Jeddah, Jizan and Najran have also been targeted with five Badr missiles and two Sammad-3 drones. As we mentioned earlier, Ansar Allah used the Zulfaqar short-range missile and the Sammad-3 drone in this operation, as in the past series of Deterrence Balance Operations. Ansar Allah missile and drone attacks on eastern and southern Saudi Arabia Statement by Brig. Gen. Yahya al-Sari’ regarding Operation “Sixth Deterrence Balance” Military Knowledge: Sammad-3 …

Apr 1 2021

Military Knowledge: Sammad-3 Reconnaissance and Suicide Drone

Sammad-3 drone (or Samad 3) was built by Yemeni Army amid savage war in Yemen. It is named after martyr Saleh al-Sammad, former head of political high council of Yemen who was martyred in drone attack of Saudi coalition.This achievement was due to Ansar Allah necessary to have a deterrence against Saudi coalition air raids. Sammad-3 was used in three attacks to UAE before unveiling which caught Saudi coalition in great surprise. Sammad-3 was announced in a military industry exhibition by Ansar Allah called martyr Saleh al-Sammad on July 7, 2019. Sammad-3 has been a vital part of deterrent operations …

Feb 15 2021

Ansar Allah drone strikes on Saudi coalition positions at Jeddah and Abha airports

Earlier onn February 15, the pro-Saudi media claimed that an Ansar Allah drone had been shot down on the southern border of Saudi Arabia. Later, a spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’, said in a statement that two Qasef 2k and Sammad-3 drones attacked Saudi coalition positions at Jeddah and Abha airports. No further information were released on the aftermath of the attack. FORUM