Sep 5 2021

Iraq: 13 Iraqi soldiers killed by ISIS

This morning (September 5), ISIS terrorists attacked the headquarters of the 19th Federal Police Brigade in the Tal Satih village of al-Rashad region. 13 Iraqi forces were killed and five others were injured in this attack. An Iraqi force is also missing, which may have been captured by ISIS. ISIS also booby-trapped the transport routes to the village of Tal Satih, making it difficult for Iraqi Army to send reinforcements. Terrorist attacks by ISIS have increased in recent weeks, and that’s because the most of the hidden elements of ISIS are in Kirkuk province. Meanwhile, this is while Iraqi forces, …

Mar 13 2021

ISIS new crime in Iraq; Massacre of seven members of a family in Salah al-Din province

One of the injured is reported to be in critical condition. The incident took place in the al-Boudour area south of Tikrit, and on Friday morning, ISIS operatives stormed the house in military uniforms and with weapons equipped with silencers. The Iraqi security services are also conducting investigation to find the clues to the crime. FORUM