Jan 23 2021

Iraq: ISIS heavy attacks in Saladin province

11 Iraqi forces were killed and 10 others were injured so far in the clashes. Abu Alia al-Hasnawi, commander of the 3rd Regiment of the 22nd Hashd al-Shaabi Brigade lost his life in this clashes too. According to available information 17 ISIS terrorists were also killed by Iraqi forces tonight. FORUM

Jul 25 2020

Iraq: Ashab Al-Kahf Downed A US Drone

According to the published images, the attack was carried out with a surface-to-air missile.The group issued a statement announcing the destruction of US drone in retaliation for the martyrdom of two members of the al-Hashd al-Ashayeri members who were targeted by US drone lately. After the attack, American fighter jets began a large-scale air patrol in the area. Al-Siniyah region is of great importance in maintaining the security of the region due to its proximity to K2 airport, as well as the transportation role of Mosul-Tikrit road and Al-Haditha road. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL TO KEEP ISWNews ALIVE! I’d like …