May 29 2021

AnsarAllah advance inside Saudi Arabia’s Jizan! (Map Update) + Videos

During this operation, which took place in the western border areas of Saadah and south of Saudi’s Jizan, the Al-Khobah-Wadi Jara axis was the main focus of this operation, and other areas were secondary and complementary axes. During the operation, Ansar Allah succeeded in liberating the areas of Tuwailiq, Tabbat al-Jaish, Qaem al-Saiyab, Tabbat al-Bayda, MBC mountain, Qanbura, al-Asasiyah, al-Sayyabah, Kamala, al-Hataimi, al-Qamameh, al-Shabaka, al-Batul, al-Amoud, al-Sabah, al-Malahit , Tabbat al-Qannas, Safeiyah, Sayyad, Al-Alam, Zahr Al-Hamar, Al-Manzalah, Al-Salam, Al-Kamb, Al-Dafaa Heights, Al-Dabira, Amer mountain, Tabbat Al-Hamra, Jabal Al-Sarkha and Tabbat Al-Soda, which have an area of about 150 square kilometers. …

May 23 2021

Video: Ansar Allah destroys the third advanced drone of the Saudi coalition

On February 2017, Saudi Arabia purchased 50 Wing Loong 2 drones from China and until March 16, 2021, about 36 drones delivered to Saudi Arabia. This is the third aircraft of this type which is shot down by Ansar Allah during the Yemeni war. Saudi drone shot down in northern Yemen Military Knowledge: Wing Loong 2 Drone Wreckages of the Wing Long 2 drone FORUM

May 20 2021

Saudi drone shot down in northern Yemen

According to Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’, a spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, the drone was shot down by a Ansar Allah air defense surface-to-air missile this morning, and details will be announced soon. FORUM

May 13 2020

Know Yemen better: Looking at position for Saadah province in Yemen

Saadah is a northern province in Yemen with more than 700 thousand population and 11,375 km2 area. The province has 15 districts including Hashwah, Safra, Zaher, Baqim, Hidan, Razih, Saqin, Saher, Shada, Saadah, Ghamar, Qatabar, Kitaf, Mujiz and Munbah.Agriculture and herding are the occupation of most of the people. Handicrafts and minerals in Saadah brought business opportunities for inhabitants of Saadah.Most of western part of the province are suitable for agriculture and has mines due to heights and suitable weather. The eastern part is desert and dry, in which herding is more suitable. Saadah districts Saadah used to be en …

May 12 2020

Ansar Allah attack to Saudi coalition south of al-Boqa + Map

In this attack several AFVs and military vehicles were destroyed and several Saudi-led forces killed and injured. Ansar Allah forces returned to their position in Aziyaq mountain after the successful attack. Currently liberation of Yatmah and al-Boqa is not difficult for Ansar Allah but it seems Ansar Allah left the area of north of al-Jawf and Saadah open to drain Saudi coalition strength and impose heavy casualties and damage to them. FORUM

May 10 2020

Video: The most prominent operations of the Ansar Allah sniper division – Part 2

These attacks took place in areas Sudays, Souh, Boqa height, Barakin, Sufyan Rashaha Gharbi and Shabaka.These areas located in north of Saadah province at the border with Najran. These heights were a formidable hinder against Saudi coalition assaults in the war. Report by brother Yahya Qasem. FORUM

Feb 7 2020

Breaking: SAA advance south of Aleppo

Forces are now advancing towards al-Zarba and al-Eis. HQ map