May 13 2020

Know Yemen better: Looking at position for Saadah province in Yemen

Saadah is a northern province in Yemen with more than 700 thousand population and 11,375 km2 area. The province has 15 districts including Hashwah, Safra, Zaher, Baqim, Hidan, Razih, Saqin, Saher, Shada, Saadah, Ghamar, Qatabar, Kitaf, Mujiz and Munbah.Agriculture and herding are the occupation of most of the people. Handicrafts and minerals in Saadah brought business opportunities for inhabitants of Saadah.Most of western part of the province are suitable for agriculture and has mines due to heights and suitable weather. The eastern part is desert and dry, in which herding is more suitable. Saadah districts Saadah used to be en …