Jul 23 2020

The 22nd Joint Turkish-Russian Patrol

The joint patrol started from the village of Turnbah in the west of Saraqib and reached the village of Ain al-Hawr in the north of Lattakia, which is actually the first complete Joint military patrol on the M4 highway. The 20th Joint Turkish-Russian Patrol FORUM

May 12 2020

Tenth Joint Russia-Turkey patrol in M4 highway in Idlib

The first patrol took place on 15 March 2020 as part of Moscow agreement to enforce the ceasefire in Idlib. FORUM

May 6 2020

The 8th Joint Turkish-Russian patrol on the M4 Highway

This joint patrol, that its first step was done on March 15, 2020, has been done in the frame of Moscow agreement and for insuring the stable ceasefire in Idlib. The length of the eighth patrol was twice of the previous ones and during it, the Russian forces arrived near of Musaibin area for the first time.Due to that all of the previous joint patrols had been blocked by Idlib terrorists in the east of Neirab, this step can be seen as an advancement in agreement between the two sides. Russia and Turkey have agreed on establishing a vast security …