Apr 7 2021

Large Russian logistical convoy en route to Ain Issa

The Russian convoy consists of 55 military vehicles, 200 Russian military police, electronic equipment and jamming systems. The convoy entered the city of Tabqah, which is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and will soon move towards Syrian Army positions in the Ain Issa area. Also on Monday, Russian forces sent reinforcements from their base in the city of Tal Tamar to the 93rd Brigade of the Syrian Army, located south of the town of Ain Issa. FORUM

Feb 28 2021

Russian Army helicopter crashed in Hasakah

According to local reports, the pilot of the helicopter was killed and other crews were injured. FORUM

Dec 28 2020

Syria: Turkey and Russia agreement on Ain Issa

According to Russian sources, Turkey and Russia agreed to reduce the tensions in Ain Issa and deployment of Russian military police in the area. Deputy director the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria stated that with the aim of strengthening efforts to stabilize the Ain Issa region, additional units of the Russian Military Police arrived in the area. He asked the sides of the conflict to cease fire and to reduce the tensions in the area. The agreement is announced while Turkish-backed forces shelled areas Mushayrifa and Jahbal with artillery last night. No news if the control of Ain Issa town …

Jun 11 2020

Opinion: What is Syria’s new field for Russia and Iran?

The war was over and there were many conflicts in Syria between the opposition and the proponents. The Takfiri and Western media considered merely the cause of Russia and Iran presence material interests, and were considering both of them as the main reason of the chaos in Syria. These days, Syria bears the pressure for reforming its political structure, simultaneous with confronting with remains of ISIS, al-Nusrah, and Ahrar al-Shaam in Idlib, Homs, northwest with Turkey inside the country and foreign countries; and two main allies, Iran and Russia are  from the influential components in this field. Russia; internal difference …

Feb 18 2020

Map: Investigation of the latest military situation in the Idlib region and the progress of the Syrian Army

1. What happened in Russia-Turkey talks?Russians stated in the negotiation that Turkey did not obliged to Sochi agreement regarding differentiate between terrorists and opposition groups and built several new observation posts and deployed extensive force to Idlib. Russia considers the operation fighting the terrorism but did not close the negotiations and try to force the new conditions upon Erdogan. Erdogan, on the other hand, started being unreasonable, threatened Syria and condemned Russia’s and Iran’s support for the operation. 2. Continuation of Syrian Army and allies operation:Syrian Army and allies could so far liberate about 2,000 km2 in west of Aleppo …