Apr 1 2021

Ansar Allah Drone Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Capital

A spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’ said: “The Air Force managed to carry out an attack operation on the capital of the Saudi enemy, Riyadh, with four drones targeting sensitive and important sites, and the attack was accurate, thanks to God. This targeting comes within the framework of our natural and legitimate right to respond to the ongoing aggression and siege on our country.” FORUM

Mar 22 2021

Breaking: Ansar Allah attack on Riyadh

The damage caused by the attack is still unknown; But flights to Riyadh Airport were canceled for several hours, indicating a significant blow to the airport. FORUM

Feb 27 2021

Breaking: Missile attacks on Riyadh, drone attacks on Southern Saudi Arabia

Saudi media claimed that Ansar Allah fired several ballistic missiles at the Saudi capital, which were destroyed before hitting targets. Local sources also reported the sound of several explosions in the sky of Riyadh.However, according to our sources, two missile were intercepted, one missile failed near Riyadh and another one hit the city of Riyadh and caused a limited fire. The moment of impact on Riyadh city Simultaneously with the Ansar Allah missile attack on Riyadh, the Saudi coalition positions in Khamis Mushait, Najran and Jizan were also targeted by the Ansar Allah drones. In the first wave of attacks, …

Jan 26 2021

Explosion in Riyadh

ISWNews Analysis Group: Local sources reported the sound of an explosion in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. FORUM

Jan 24 2021

Opinion: Power transition in US, blood shedding in middle east!

The power transition in USA, when interpreted intermediately, means ISIS will be resurfaced and attacks increase in Syria and Iraq. But when it is deeply interpreted we should seek changes in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.The same way that if regional and international powers were not influencing, we wouldn’t see ISIS to grow that fast in 2014, today if their interests were not in chaos, we wouldn’t see ISIS to resurface again. It is naive if the incidents of last ten years of west of Asia is observed and think the recent ISIS activities in east and center of Syria, suicide …

Jan 23 2021

An Iraqi group claimed responsibility for the Riyadh attack

The Iraqi group said in a statement that the attack was aimed at deterring and avenging the martyrs of the recent ISIS terrorist attack in Baghdad, and threatened Saudi Arabia and the UAE with heavier attacks. The drone attacks on Riyadh by Iraq and the response of the Saudis to this attack will create new equations for Saudi Arabia and the region. This attack could somehow lead to the end of the war or the intensification of the war in Yemen. FORUM

Mar 29 2020

Ansar Allah extensive missile attack to Saudi Arabia

Local sources reported of hearing several blasts in Riyadh. General Yahya al-Sari’, Yemeni armed forces spokesperson, reported of repelling Saudi coalition warbirds from Sanaa airspace by Fater-1 air defense at 01:08. Probably missile or drone attack by Ansar Allah to Riyadh and Jizan is an answer to Saudi coalition continuous airstrikes in the form of “chasing the aggressor” in Ansar Allah’s air defense strategy. Saudi coalition has not obliged by the so called ceasefire and airstrikes to AnsarAllah’s area sush as Salif, al Jawf and Marib are still continuing. Reducing coalition airstrikes and Ansar Allah ceasefire were preconditions of the …