May 12 2020

CBS allows Syrians abroad to pay for return ticket in SP

Damascus, SANA_ The Central Bank of Syria (CBS) has decided to allow the Syrian citizens abroad who are coming to Syria on board of the Syrian Airlines and holding the SOTO ticket (Sold Outside) to pay the value of their ticket in Syrian pounds. The value of the ticket is paid in Syrian Pounds according to the official exchange rate, the CBS stressed. The CBS’s new decision comes within the framework of the government’s measures to confront the negative impacts of coronavirus pandemic and to facilitate the return of the Syrians stranded abroad because of Coronavirus crisis. Gh.A.Hassoun FORUM

May 12 2020

Syrian Ambassador in Baghdad: The return of 500 Syrians from Iraq this week

Baghdad, SANA_ Syria’s ambassador to Baghdad, Sattam Jadaan al-Dandah, announced the return of 500 Syrian citizens from Iraq this week, as part of the government’s efforts to return Syrians stranded abroad. Al-Dandah, in a statement to SANA correspondent in Baghdad, said that the embassy, based on the directives of the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, had contacted the Syrians residing or stuck in Iraq in order to secure their repatriation. The Ambassador clarified that the number of those wishing to return to the homeland exceeded 1,200, and that the Syrian Airlines had prepared two flights, one of them is next Wednesday …