Apr 27 2021

Breaking: Attack on a Saudi vessel in Yanbu port

Earlier on Tuesday morning, smoke was seen rising from NCC Dammam oil tanker off the oil shipping port of of Yanbu. Saudi officials have not yet released details of the incident. In December, Saudi Arabia said that a tanker anchored at Jeddah port was hit by an explosive-laden boat. This followed a separate incident at another Saudi terminal on the Red Sea where a tanker was damaged by an explosion. FORUM

Apr 6 2021

Attack on an Iranian ship in the Red Sea

The attack took place this afternoon and no information has been released on the extent of the damage. According to the available evidence, a Dolphin-class submarine of the Israeli navy was also present in the area at the same time as targeting Saviz. Israeli officials have not yet commented. The Saviz ship serves as a security station for Iran in the Red Sea and ts mission is to secure Iranian merchant ships and counter piracy off the coast of Somalia. Saudi-affiliated media outlets have also claimed that the Saviz has long been stationed in the Red Sea, conducting intelligence operations …