Dec 15 2021

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Buyers realtor Buyers realtor Headline news Buyers realtor Do real estate agents deserve their commission? Share this Article Whether real estate brokers are useful is a question we’ve addressed before and answered with a qualified yes–as in, yes if the agent is a capable one whose long-term and short-term interests are aligned with yours. Whether agents deserve the amount of commission typically paid is a somewhat different issue. Over on’s forums, an anonymous broker defends commissions this way: “I work a fairly ’boutique’ business, so to my clients, a lot of the value is time: they make $400k-$5MM a …

May 5 2021

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Buyers realtor Buyers realtor World news today live Buyers realtor Best Online Auction Sites By Ryan Brown 23 January 2019 Auction sites with large memberships and recognizable names have the highest selling fees. Learns the pros and cons of the best online auction sites We researched and compared the top seven online auction sites to find the best. We compared selling and listing fees, payment options, support features and the size of each site’s user base. After our research, we think that eBay is the best online auction site because it has over 160 million registered users. Though this site …