Nov 4 2021

US transfers ISIS commanders from Hasakah to Deir Ezzor

On Wednesday morning, American helicopters carried out an airdrop operation to evacuate four individuals from the Hourana neighborhood in the city of Ras al-Ain. Interestingly, the operation was carried out without the intervention of Turkish Army and Turkish-backed militants near the Turkish border. According to available information, the transported individuals were former ISIS elements. Following the withdrawal of US helicopters from the area, Ahrar al-Sharqiya militants, in coordination with the Turkish military, entered the homes of former ISIS commanders to conduct further investigations, detaining three people accused of links to ISIS. Earlier, the US helicopters transported two more individuals from …

Feb 25 2021

Explosion in the Syrian city of Ras Al-Ain

A car bomb had exploded at the center of Ras al-Ain city, in the northern province of Hasakah, killing at least four civilians, including two children. The city of Ras al-Ain has been under Turkish occupation since the fall of 2019. Insecurity and assassinations continue in Turkish-backed militant-held areas and continue to increase. FORUM

Jul 23 2020

Syria: 14 People Killed Due to a Car Blast in Ras al-Ain

The car bomb reportedly blew up in the town’s center, near the cultural center and the so-called Local Council. Ras al-Ain, which was occupied by Turkish forces in October last year, is located right on the border with Turkey. FORUM