Apr 18 2021

A civilian martyred in explosive device blast in Quneitra countryside

Quneitra, SANA- A civilian was martyred in explosion of explosive device in the area of Rasm al-Karm affiliated to ​​Umm Batina municipality in Quneitra countryside . SANA reporter in Quneitra said that an explosive device, planted by unknown persons, went off in a private car in Rasm al-Karm area of ​​the municipality of Umm Batinah, causing the martyrdom of its driver immediately. Bushra Dabin /Hala Zain FORUM

Jan 18 2021

Weather conditions cause slight damage to electricity, telecommunication networks in Quneitra  

  Quneitra, SANA- The weather conditions witnessed in Quneitra province on Sunday led to a slight damage to the electricity and telecommunication networks, in addition to flooding some agricultural lands with rainwater. Telecommunications Department Director Eng. Adnan Bakir, in a statement to SANA’s reporter, said that the telephone network in Hadar town in the northern countryside of the province went off due to the thunderbolt which hit the telecommunication tower in the town late last night. Meanwhile, Director of the Electricity Department, Eng. Bassam al-Masri said that the strong wind led to a damage to one of the electricity transmission …

Jan 17 2021

A person martyred, three wounded by fires of unknown persons, explosive device blast, Quneitra countryside

Quneitra, SANA-One person was martyred on Saturday evening and three others were wounded in an explosive device blast and by fires of unknown persons in the vicinity of al-Baath city and in al-Qusaybah village in Quneitra countryside. SANA’s reporter said that an explosive device planted by unknown persons went off in the village of al-Qusaybah in Quneitra southern countryside as one person was martyred. In the vicinity of al-Baath city in the northern countryside, SANA reporter said that three people were wounded as unknown persons opened fire on them near the flower nursery on al- Hamidiya-al-Baath City road. Manar Salameh …

Jan 16 2021

  Two children injured in explosion of a landmine left behind by terrorists in Quneitra countryside

Quneitra, SANA- Tow children were injured in explosion of a landmine left behind by terrorists in the surroundings of Jebba village in Quneitra central countryside. Director of Mamdouh Abbaza Hospital in Quneitra Dr. Wisam Mawardi told SANA reporter that two children were admitted to the hospital to receive necessary medical treatment. The terrorist organizations planted explosive devices in the main and sub-roads before they were defeated from the areas controlled by them, as the explosion of a number of these explosive devices causes the martyrdom and injury of a number of civilians. MHD Ibrahim/ Hala Zain   FORUM

Jun 1 2020

New governors of Homs, Quneitra, Daraa, and Hasaka sworn in before President al-Assad

Damascus, SANA – The new governors of four provinces were sworn in before President Bashar al-Assad on Monday. Bassam Mamdouh Barssik, Mohammed Tarek Ziad Kreshati, Marwan Ibrahim Sharbak, and Ghassan Halim Khalil were sworn in as governors of Homs, Quneitra, Daraa, and Hasaka, respectively. President al-Assad met with the new governors and provided them with directives, stressing the important role played by Governors as they are in direct contact with citizens, local councils, and municipalities, given them better insight into what could be done to develop provinces and their rural areas and improve their services facilities to serve citizens’ interests …

May 3 2020

Two civilians martyred in explosion of IED left behind by terrorists in Quneitra northern countryside

Quneitra, SANA- Two civilians were martyred when an improvised explosive device (IED) left behind by terrorists went off south of Hader town in Quneitra northern countryside. SANA’s reporter in Quneitra said Sunday that an IED left behind by terrorist organizations went off near a road in Tal al-Hamriyeh, south of Hader town in Quneitra northern countryside, causing the martyrdom of two civilians. Hala Zain FORUM

Feb 28 2020

Israeli rocket attack targeting Syrian army posts in Quneitra

Quneitra, SANA-  Israeli helicopters launched rocket attack on Thursday from above the occupied Syrian Golan against the Syrian army posts in Quneitra. SANA reporter in Quneitra said that the Israeli helicopters fired rockets from above the occupied Syrian Golan targeting the army posts in al-Qhataniyeh, al-Hurriyeh and the liberated city of Quneitra, causing the injury of three army personnel. Last Sunday the Syrian Arab Army’s air defenses repelled an Israeli rocket attack from above the Golan towards the surroundings of Damascus. Hala Zain FORUM

Feb 14 2020

Marking 38th anniversary of Open Strike, people of Golan more determined to resist the occupation and its plans

Quneitra, SANA_ Marking the national Open Strike has become an annual tradition through which the Syrian people in the occupied Syrian Golan express their adherence to their identity and rejection of any form of occupation. On the 38th anniversary of the national Open Strike staged by the Syrian Arab citizens in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan on February 14th, 1982, our people in the Golan reiterated that the option of the resistance against the occupation is the way for the liberation of the occupied Golan. The people of Quneitra and the occupied Syrian Golan, who gathered in Ein al-Tina and Ein …