May 26 2021

Infographic: Rockets of Palestinian Resistance Groups

Over the years, Palestinian resistance groups, with the help of Iranian advisers, have been able to build the rockets they need, and many of the rockets are now being built by Palestinian groups themselves. The arsenal of Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades consists of 17 main rockets, and the Ayyash 250 rocket with a range 250 km, which was recently unveiled by al-Qassam, is the longest-range rocket of the Palestinian resistance group. The Ayyash 250 rocket hit targets in the Eilat region in the southernmost part of occupied Palestine for the first time during the 11-day war in Gaza.The Saraya al-Quds …

May 19 2021

Video: Palestinian resistance drone intelligence operation in the occupied territories

In this video, Al-Zawari drone observes the location of two tanks and the details of one of the Israeli army bases. Qassam Brigades has named the drone after one of its martyred commanders, Al-Zawari. Martyr Mohammad Al-Zawari was a Tunisian engineer who was responsible for overseeing the design and production of Qassam Brigades drones and was martyred on December 15, 2016 in the Tunisian city of Sfax by Mossad agents. FORUM

May 18 2021

Israeli warship was hit by Hamas

After the incident, Zionist officials said that the warship was hit by Palestinian Resistance, and Qassam Brigades used an unmanned submarine. No casualties reported. Yedioth Ahronoth papers also claimed: Qassam Brigades hit a Zionist navy vessel using a suicide submarine in Gaza shores. However, Qassam Brigades claimed to attack an Israeli warship with several rockets. Attacking Israeli warships is unprecedented by Palestinian Resistance. The Resistance groups warned Zionists that if they continue assaulting Gaza people, they should be ready for surprises. FORUM

May 13 2021

Video: Palestinian resistance unveils new drone!

On May 12, the Shahab suicide drone targeted a gas platform belonging to the Zionist regime on the northern coast of Gaza. Also on May 13, a gathering place of Israeli troops on the borders of the Gaza Strip was targeted by the Shahab suicide drone in response to the continuous Zionist aggression against the people of Gaza. Al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement: “With God’s help and His power and success, al-Qassam forces used a new weapon in the Operaton Saif al-Quds.” Al-Qassam stressed in his statement that as long as the enemy continues its aggression, we will continue!” …