Jul 5 2021

Ansar Allah drone attack on a gathering of Saudi-led forces in al-Hudaydah

More than a dozen al-Amaliqah militants were killed and wounded during the drone strike, which have been carried out by a Qasef 2k suicide drone. It is worth mentioning that the Saudi-led forces have violated the ceasefire in al-Hudaydah province 295 times in the last 48 hours. Also during this period, Saudi coalition warplanes carried out four airstrikes on the al-Salif and al-Araj areas, and coalition drones bombed al-Faza and al-Jabaliya areas three times and al-Tuhaita district twice. Military Knowledge: Qasef 2K Suicide Drone FORUM

May 2 2021

Drone attack on southern Saudi Arabia

Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’, a spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces: “This attack is part of our natural and legal response to the escalation of coalition aggression and the continuation of the siege of Yemen.” Military Knowledge: Qasef 2K Suicide Drone FORUM

Apr 11 2021

Drone Attacks on Saudi Arabia

ISWNews Analysis Group: Early on April 11, Ansar Allah attacked positions of Saudi coalition in Jizan Airport and King Khalid Airbase in Khamis Mushait with two Qasef 2k suicide drones. FORUM

Apr 9 2021

Saudi Arabia: Drone Attack on Jizan Airport

Ansar Allah drone strikes against Saudi coalition positions in southern Saudi Arabia continue on a daily basis … FORUM

Apr 6 2021

Breaking: Ansar Allah drone attack on Saudi Arabia

Military Knowledge: Qasef 2K Suicide Drone FORUM

Apr 6 2021

Military Knowledge: Qasef 2K Suicide Drone

Qasef 2K was unveiled in Yemeni Armed Forces military exhibition entitled as martyr Salih al-Sammad on 7 July 2019. The drone was used against Saudi coalition commanders gatherings in al-Anad Airbase, Lahij province, which killed a number of high rank Saudi coalition officers. Qasef 2K when introduced showed the usefulness of a operational air force. Without an efficient air force it’s difficult to impose high casualties to or have accurate information on the enemy. Drones can help significantly to survey and attack the targets accurately. Qasef 2K was built on the same necessity of the Yemeni army and popular committees …

Mar 7 2021

Statement by Brig. Gen. Yahya al-Sari’ regarding Operation “Sixth Deterrence Balance”

According to the statement of the Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’, 14 drones and 8 missiles were used in this operation, of which 10 drones were Sammad-3 and one Zulfaqar missile.Aramco’s facilities in the port of Ras Tanura and military targets in the Dammam area (located on the southern shores of the Persian Gulf) were among the targets of this operation.Other areas of Asir and Jizan provinces have also been targeted by 4 Qasef 2k drones and 7 Badr missiles. The Saudi Ministry of Energy also confirmed the news in a report, claiming that the oil reservoir area of ​​Ras Tanura …

Feb 15 2021

Ansar Allah drone strikes on Saudi coalition positions at Jeddah and Abha airports

Earlier onn February 15, the pro-Saudi media claimed that an Ansar Allah drone had been shot down on the southern border of Saudi Arabia. Later, a spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’, said in a statement that two Qasef 2k and Sammad-3 drones attacked Saudi coalition positions at Jeddah and Abha airports. No further information were released on the aftermath of the attack. FORUM