Apr 25 2020

Exclusive Video of Iran’s Recent Satellite Launch With “Qased” SLV (Includes New Footage)

Both “Noor” and “Qased” are the first official efforts of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to conquer space, which was carried out by the Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force. The Successful Launch of Iran’s First Military Satellite FORUM

Apr 23 2020

Opinion: Achievement and consequences of launching military satellite Nour

After US coup in Iran in 1953, in which fleeing king returned back and republic administration of “Mosaddegh” was overturned, USA became the most influential player in Iran’s politics. US not only influenced Iran’s foreign policies, but also became Iran’s biggest economy and military partner. Iran started to buy numerous expensive weapons and pay for them with the money from oil export. It was almost a barter, oil for weapon. From 60 km ranged missiles to satellite carrier rocket US weapons had limits. Iranians could not do the maintenance specially the aircraft, since Iran was not supposed to receive the …

Apr 22 2020

Video: The first published footage from the moment of lunching the Nour satellite by Qased satellite carrier

The Nour satellite is now in the determined Orbit and its activity is a great breakthrough and a unique advance for Iran in various spheres including intelligence, communication and reconnaissance. Major General Hussain Salami the commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC):– With the lunch of Nour satellite, the IRGC became spatial and this translates to expansion and leap of IRGC’s powerful strategic defense intelligence.– This multipurpose satellite can increase our strategic value in space and also in IT section and intelligence war, and also can create for us powerful fields in intelligence wars.– We can enter any field …

Apr 22 2020

The Successful Lunch of Iran’s First Military Satellite

The Nour (Light) satellite as the first military satellite of Islamic Republic of Iran was lunched into the Orbit this morning (Wednesday, April 22) from the three staged “Qased” (Messenger) satellite carrier located in the central desert of Iran by the Iran’s IRGC. The lunch was successful and the satellite reached the orbit of 425 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. The recent attempt of Iran in February with the Zafar satellite was a fail, United States and France said that these actions of Iran is against the framework of Security Council approvals and that it is according to the development …