Apr 28 2021

Syria: Latest military situation of Qamishli city

On April 26, a final agreement was reached between the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Asayish (YPG internal security forces) in Qamishli. According to the agreement, mediated by the Russian military police and the Syrian Democratic Forces, the NDF withdrew from al-Tai neighborhood, except the Abbas Alawi school which is remained as the security center of the Syrian army in the al-Tai neighborhood and few blocks in the south of the neighborhood.The NDF also withdrew from the southern part of the Halko neighborhood, where it had advanced in recent battles. Following the agreement, residents of al-Tai neighborhood, who had fled …

Apr 24 2021

End of tensions in Qamishli?

Last night, a temporary ceasefire agreement was reached between the YPG and the NDF in the city of Qamishli, mediated by Russia until 10 A.M.The ceasefire has been extended so far and talks are still going on in al-Tai neighborhood. The Syrian army is demanding the withdrawal of YPG forces from al-Tai neighborhood and the transfer of control to the Syrian army and Russian military police. YPG forces, on the other hand, strongly oppose this. Local sources report that the Syrian army has sent more troops to the Znood neighborhood south of Qamishli. The Syrian army seems to be using …

Apr 23 2021

Details of clashes between YPG and Syrian National Defense Forces in Qamishli

According to field sources, the result of the meeting mediated by the Russians was the announcement of a ceasefire until 10 am tomorrow (Saturday), but sources close to Asayish claimed that after the agreement, an RPG was fired at YPG forces by the NDF Forces. Consecutive meetings will be held in the presence of Asayish commanders (YPG internal security) and the NDF commanders under the supervision of Russian forces until a permanent ceasefire is reached in Qamishli. Clashes in Qamishli erupted after Asayish forces stormed an NDF checkpoint and shootings at them. After the incident, YPG forces attacked areas in …

Apr 23 2021

CENTCOM Commander: We will do our best to calm the situation in Qamishli!

“SDF forces are a very important partner for us and they protect our soldiers,” Mackenzie said. “We will do our best to calm the situation,” Kenneth Mackenzie told a Syrian media outlet about the clashes between Asayish and the National Defense Forces in Qamishli. He added: “We want to solve the Qamishli problem through dialogue.” Yesterday, a Russian-brokered agreement was reached between the two sides to completely stop the armed conflict in the city. However, after a few hours, the agreement was violated and the clashes flared up again. The commander of Centcom speaks of resolving the problems through dialogue …

Apr 21 2021

Tensions in Qamishli; Russian mediation to resolve the dispute between the YPG and the NDF

On 20 April at 22:00 local time, YPG forces stationed at a checkpoint attacked a vehicle belonging to the Syrian National Defense Forces, which led to tensions between the two sides. Some sources claimed that five YPG forces were killed and five NDF members were wounded in the clashes. Following the escalation of the conflict, Russian forces have intervened in the city of Qamishli to resolve the dispute between the YPG and the NDF, and talks are currently under way between the two sides, mediated by Russia. The security forces called for the withdrawal of the NDF from al-Tai neighborhood …

Feb 3 2021

QSD militia re-erects armed checkpoints, impedes delivery of flour to bread facilities in Qamishli

Hasaka, SANA- US backed-QSD militia on Wednesday re-erected its checkpoints in several neighborhoods and streets in Qamishli city and near al-Baath bread facility following the start of lifting the siege imposed by this militia for 20 days. SANA reporter in Hasaka said that following the start of lifting its unfair siege against the civilians in Halko and Tayy neighborhoods, QSD militia re-erected its checkpoints near al-Baath bread facility, the youth city, al-Burj street and near the roundabout of the court, in addition to putting the screws on the civilians through tightening its arbitrary measures on a number of checkpoints which …

Jan 28 2021

Demonstrations in Hasakah and Qamishli against the Syrian Democratic Forces

The protests come as the siege and restrictions imposed by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the cities of Hasakah and Qamishli enter its thirteenth day. Following the recent tensions between the Syrian Army and the SDF in northeastern Syria, in the cities of Hasakah and Qamishli, SDF forces have cordoned off the areas where the Syrian Army is stationed in these cities and are preventing the entry and exit of troops and logistics. Syrian Army And SDF conflict in Hasakah FORUM

Apr 18 2020

US occupation sends convoy carrying cement blocks and logistic supplies to Qamishli

Related Articles Hasaka, SANA – The US occupation forces sent a convoy carrying logistic supplies from Iraq to Qamishli city. Local sources told SANA’s reporter that a convoy for the US occupation forces consisting of 35 vehicles carrying cement blocks and logistic supplies entered Syria from Iraq via al-Walid illegal border crossing point. The sources said the convoy headed from al-Yaroubiya countryside northeast of Hasaka towards the illegal US bases near Qamishli city. Hazem Sabbagh FORUM

Apr 18 2020

Residents of Qamishli countryside block convoy of US vehicles, force them to retreat

Hasaka, SANA_ In the context of their rejection of the presence of the US occupation troops, residents of a number of villages in Qamishli countryside blocked a convoy of US military vehicles and forced it to turn around and head back in the direction it came from. Civil sources told SANA reporter that the residents of the villages of Qamishli countryside on Saturday blocked four US armored vehicles coming from the direction of Abu Qasayeb village in Tal Hamis district in Qamishli countryside and forced it them to retreat. The sources pointed out that the people are always monitoring the …

Apr 9 2020

American convoy were stopped near Qamishli

On 7 April also two more American convoys were stopped on Hasakah province near Hamo and Kharbat al-Asad by Syrian army and local forces. Hamo area in southeast of Qamishli town is the same area that last month a Syrian youth was killed by Americans bullet due to engagement between American forces and local forces supporting Syrian government.In recent week, tension between American and local forces near Qamishli town has increased and there is possibility the engagement will increase. FORUM

Apr 7 2020

People of Hamo village and army personnel intercept US occupation convoy in Hasaka

Related Articles Hasaka, SANA – The people of Hamo village in the countryside of Qamishli and members of the Syrian Arab Army intercepted a US occupation forces convoy that had attempted to pass through the village, forcing it to retreat. Local sources at the village told SANA’s reporter said a convoy of 5 US occupation vehicles was heading to Hamo village, but it was forced to retreat when locals gathered at a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint near the village and prevented the convoy from passing with the help of the army personnel. Hazem Sabbagh FORUM

Mar 27 2020

Syrian Arab Army, people of Hamo block U.S. occupation convoy near Qamishli

Hasaka, SANA_ The Syrian Arab Army personnel alongside people of Hamo village on Friday blocked a U.S. occupation convoy that was attempting to enter the village, forcing it to leave. A number of locals told SANA reporter that people of Hamo village, backed by the Syrian army personnel, intercepted a convoy of 5 military vehicles, attempted to enter the village, preventing it from advancing and forcing it to return from whence it came. On March 23, Syrian Arab Army personnel and the people of Hamo intercepted a US occupation convoy that was attempting to enter the village and forced it …

Mar 23 2020

People of Hamo village and army personnel intercept US occupation convoy and force it to retreat

Related Articles Hasaka, SANA – Syrian Arab Army personnel and the people of Hamo village in Qamishli countryside intercepted a US occupation convoy that was attempting to enter the village, forcing it to leave. A number of locals told SANA’s reporter that the convoy, which consisted of 11 military vehicles, attempted to enter the village, but the locals intercepted it with the support of army personnel, preventing it from advancing and forcing it to return from whence it came. On March 8th, the people of al-Kozaliya village in Tal Tamr countryside northwest of Hasaka city clashed with US occupation troops, …

Mar 7 2020

US occupation forces send military and logistical convoy into Hasaka

Related Articles Hasaka. SANA- The US occupation forces on Saturday sent a new convoy of trucks loaded with military and logistical reinforcements to the Syrian territories in another breach of international law. Local sources said that the 10 trucks have entered Syrian territories, coming from Iraq through al-Waleed illegal crossing point, and moved from al-Ya’aroubyia to the US occupation base at Kharab-Aljer airport in al-Malkyia area in Qamishli countryside. Mh. Ibrahim / Hazem Sabbagh FORUM

Feb 18 2020

Hasaka clans hold gathering in Khirbet Amo village in support for the army

Hasaka, SANA- The Arabian clans of Hasaka province held a gathering on Tuesday in Khirbet Amo village in Qamishli countryside to voice support to the Syrian Arab Army and to demand the exit of the U.S. occupation forces from the Syrian territories. The elders and dignitaries of the clans voiced solidarity with the people of Khirbet Amo who offered a distinguished example of resistance against U.S. occupation forces, forcing them to withdraw. The participants congratulated the people of Aleppo and the Syrian people in general over the army’s victories in Aleppo and Idleb countrysides. Ruaa al-Jazaeri / Hazem Sabbagh

Feb 18 2020

Two people martyred in IED blast in Qamishli

Related Articles Hasaka, SANA – Two people were martyred in the explosion of an IED planted among scrap items at a private workshop in Qamsihli city, Haska province. SANA’s reporter in Hasaka said two workers at a workshop in Qamishli were martyred in the explosion an IED that had been planted in a broken electric engine that was collected with other scrap items for recycling at the workshop. Hazem Sabbagh

Feb 12 2020

Qamishli people clashes with the American occupation troops + Video

The deadly clash occurred after hundreds of people from the villages of Khirbet Ammo and Hamou gathered to stop US vehicles passing through a Syrian army checkpoint. In response to the attack by the American occupation forces, the locals damaged four of the US armored vehicles, while the occupation forces rushed to bring reinforcements to the area that include 5 armored vehicles, to withdraw their damaged vehicles and evacuate their personnel. Also, reports indicated that the US warplanes attacked the area and covered up the withdrawal of the convoy. Clashes between local forces and US forces in east of Qamishli