Apr 24 2021

End of tensions in Qamishli?

Last night, a temporary ceasefire agreement was reached between the YPG and the NDF in the city of Qamishli, mediated by Russia until 10 A.M.The ceasefire has been extended so far and talks are still going on in al-Tai neighborhood. The Syrian army is demanding the withdrawal of YPG forces from al-Tai neighborhood and the transfer of control to the Syrian army and Russian military police. YPG forces, on the other hand, strongly oppose this. Local sources report that the Syrian army has sent more troops to the Znood neighborhood south of Qamishli. The Syrian army seems to be using …

Apr 23 2021

Details of clashes between YPG and Syrian National Defense Forces in Qamishli

According to field sources, the result of the meeting mediated by the Russians was the announcement of a ceasefire until 10 am tomorrow (Saturday), but sources close to Asayish claimed that after the agreement, an RPG was fired at YPG forces by the NDF Forces. Consecutive meetings will be held in the presence of Asayish commanders (YPG internal security) and the NDF commanders under the supervision of Russian forces until a permanent ceasefire is reached in Qamishli. Clashes in Qamishli erupted after Asayish forces stormed an NDF checkpoint and shootings at them. After the incident, YPG forces attacked areas in …