Jun 23 2021

Products completed operations coverage-Products completed operations coverage

Products completed operations coverage Products completed operations coverage Latest news headlines for today Products completed operations coverage Duane Morris Insurance Law San Francisco Trial Court Is First California Court To Adopt The Wallace & Gale Approach To Asbestos Operations Claims In what is the first trial court ruling in California on the issue, to our knowledge, the San Francisco Superior Court on January 31, 2013 issued a ruling adopting the Wallace & Gale approach to the completed operations issue for asbestos claims. The decision was issued by San Francisco Superior Court Judge John E. Munter in Phase III of Plant …

May 22 2021

Military Situation In Syria On May 22, 2021 (Map Update)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image – On May 22, Russia reported that Idlib militants had violated the ceasefire regime in Greater Idlib 41 times: 22 – in Idlib province, 10 – in Latakia province, 6 – in Hama province, 3 – in Aleppo province.– On May 21, clashes between the Turkish border guards and enraged civilians were reported near Atmah camp.– On May 20, five SDF members were killed in an ISIS ambush in the Shaheel area.– On May 21, a Turkish-backed forces official was killed by an IED blast in the Salqin town.– On May 21, SDF …

Apr 12 2021

President al-Assad issues decree on new consumer protection law

Related Articles Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad issued on Monday Legislative Decree No.8 for 2021 that stipulates for the new consumer protection law. The low aims at protecting the rights of the consumer, ensuring the safety of food, preventing monopoly through setting regulations for trade practicing, pricing, imposing censorship on the quality of goods and products with tightening penalties and fines on monopoly, selling without invoice, not to announce prices, and manipulating with weight, as well as selling at increasing prices. Shaza Qriema/Mazen FORUM