May 31 2021

No Calm In Nagorno-Karabakh: Azerbaijani Forces Intercepted Armenian UAV Over Kalbajar Region (Photos)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On May 31, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan claimed the interception of the UAV of the Armenian Armed Forces in the Kalbajar border region. “Azerbaijan Army Units using special technical means have detected and landed the “Griphon-12” unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the Armenian armed forces in the Kalbajar region of the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border”. – the statement reads. Griphon-12 is a multifunctional Russian-made unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed by Plaz firm. The UAV is intended for the civilian use. It is aimed at conducting special reconnaissance work, observation and monitoring flights, …

May 7 2021

In Photos: IED Attack Targeted Former President In Maldive’s Capital

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image Former President Mohamed Nasheed was injured as a result of an IED explosion that took place near his house in the capital of the Maldives. An Improvised explosive device (IED) was attached to a motorcycle near the car of the former president. The police qualified the incident as a terrorist attack.​ The former president’s bodyguard and a witness, who is reportedly a citizen of another country, were also injured in the incident​. Mohamed Nasheed was injured and was urgently taken to a hospital in Male together with his bodyguard.​ Click to see full-size …

Dec 25 2020

Famous Su-57 Entered Service With Russian Aerospace Forces (Video, Photos)

Donate The first fifth-generation fighter Sukhoi Su-57 entered service with the Russian Aerospace Forces, the TASS news agency reported, citing an anonymous source in the Russian military-industrial complex. No official confirmation from the Russian Ministry of Defense has been provided yet. The first production fifth-generation multirole fighter entered service with one of the aviation regiments of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation. The first production Su-57 fighter should be able to carry out combat missions from February 2021. The plane was spotted during the flight from the Komsomolsky-on-Amur Aviation Plant named after Yu.A. Gagarin, presumably, to Zhukovsky airport …