Jun 3 2020

Hama city on 3-6-2020

Hama city on 3-6-2020 – Syrian Arab News Agency jQuery(document).ready(function (){ jQuery(“.menu-item”).has(“ul”).children(“a”).attr(“aria-haspopup”, “true”);}); <!—-> Ticker Al-Jaafari calls for lifting coercive measures on Syria which hinder tackling coronavirus, achieving development More protests sweep Washington, US army sends hundreds of its troops to quell them Health Ministry: One Coronavirus patients passed away, 4 others recovered Al-Jaafari: US and Turkish governments set fire to agrarian crops in Syria Khan Asa’ad Basha, one of the greatest archeological edifices in the Orient Courts and judicial departments resume work after suspension of two months due to measures taken to confront Coronavirus New governors of Homs, Quneitra, …