Jun 2 2020

Al-Maysat Square after completion of renovations and remodeling

Damascus, SANA-Damascus Governorate, in cooperation with Damascus Chamber of Commerce, has finished renovating and remodeling al-Mayssat Square by planting trees and flowers, installing a special lighting system and a modern irrigation network for watering the trees and plants, along with repairing sidewalks and widening the road. Photos by: Ammar Sfarjalani Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh FORUM

Mar 30 2020

Damascus on March 30th – PHOTOS

Damascus, SANA – Damascus on Monday March 30th, 2020. Photos by Wassim Kher Bek. FORUM

Mar 8 2020

Army uncovers fortified terrorist hideout and tunnel in Aleppo countryside

Aleppo, SANA – While canvassing liberated areas in Aleppo’s western countryside, Syrian Arab Army units uncovered a fortified hideout for terrorists dug beneath a mountain near the town of Anjara, in addition to a tunnel in al-Layramoun area. SANA’s camera documented the terrorist hideout near Anjara, with SANA’s reporter saying the fortified hideout contained large areas for vehicles, living quarters, and training facilities, in addition to crates containing ammo, grenades, and assorted shells, including mortar rounds, anti-armor and anti-air rockets, in addition to rocket tripod mounts. In al-Layramoun area, SANA’s reporter said army units found a tunnel dug into the …

Mar 6 2020

American TOW missiles and damaged vehicles left behind by terrorists in Saraqeb – PHOTOS

Idleb, SANA – While canvassing Saraqeb city in Idleb’s southeastern countryside, Syrian Arab Army uncovered American-made TOW missiles and damaged vehicles left behind by the defeated Turkish regime-backed terrorists. A field commander said that during the canvassing operation in Saraqeb city, army units uncovered laser-guided anti-armor TOW missiles in addition to their tripod mounts which were used by terrorists against the Syrian Arab Army. On Aleppo-Damascus international highway, SANA’s camera documented the movements of the civilian cars on the road which the army had secured by dismantling mines and explosives from the its surroundings. A field commander said to SANA’s …

Feb 25 2020

Textiles factory in Aleppo countryside used by terrorists for training and making shells

Aleppo, SANA – SANA’s camera documented a textiles factory in Kafr Jom town in Aleppo’s southwestern countryside which terrorists had been using to train their members and manufacture shells.

Feb 24 2020

Weapons, vehicles, and tunnel left behind by terrorists in Kafr Sajneh town in Idleb – PHOTOS

Related Articles Idleb, SANA – SANA’s camera documented heavy weapons, including rockets and artillery, and damaged vehicles left behind by terrorists in Kafr Sajneh town in Idleb’s southern countryside which was liberated by the army. Army units also uncovered a fortified tunnel dug under the town by terrorists, connecting the town to al-Ameirya village.

Feb 10 2020

Snow in Damascus, February 10th – PHOTOS

Feb 10 2020

Aleppo-Hama Highway stretch at al-Barqoum bridge after defeat of terrorists in the area – PHOTOS

Feb 10 2020

SANA’s camera tours al-Barqoum village after its liberation from terrorism – PHOTOS

Aleppo, SANA – SANA’s camera accompanied units of the Syrian Arab Army at al-Barqoum town at the outskirts of the Aleppo-Hama Highway in Aleppo’s southern countryside after the town’s liberation from terrorism.

Feb 8 2020

Saraqeb town after its liberation from terrorism – PHOTOS