Jun 5 2021

Iraq: Five Peshmerga members were killed by PKK

According to the latest reports, the Peshmerga engineering unit, which was heading to the mountains overlooking the city of Emadiyah to clear and establish a military post, was targeted by a guided missile by the PKK group. Shooting was reported in the area for several hours after the attack. Five Peshmerga members were killed and six others were wounded in the attack. The PKK militants warned in a statement this morning that the group’s forces are resisting Turkish aggression and called on Peshmerga to refrain from entering PKK-controlled areas of Matina. In another statement, PKK militants said that Barzani’s Peshmerga …

Apr 15 2021

Iraq: Peshmerga attack on Hashad al-Shaabi forces

The attack took place shortly after 5 a.m. local time in the Basakhrah area east of Mosul. Peshmerga forces fired an anti-tank missile and opened fire with heavy machine guns on the 30th Hashad al-Shaabi (PMU) brigade in the area. According to preliminary information, one of the PMU member was wounded in the attack. Also few hours later, in a separate attack, Peshmerga forces fired another anti-tank missile at PMU positions north of Mosul in the Barimah area. An investigation has been launched into the cause of the accident. FORUM

Feb 25 2020

Muqtada Sadr new remarks regarding abolishment of militant groups in Iraq

He said:– Kurdish Peshmerga troops are militant and if they are abolished, I abolish Saraya Al Salam, too. I can defend the country against foreign assault. I am ready to coordinate with Masoud Barzani to abolish Peshmerga, Hashad Sha’abi and Saraya Al Salam.– “salih_m_iraqi” account is my personal account and no one else has access to it. – It was the president who proposed Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi for prime ministry and we support him. – Iran told us they don’t want to interfere in Iraq’s affairs and currently they are not interfering. – To choose Adil Abdul-Mahdi, I only coalesced …