Apr 28 2020

Several people injured in blast of explosive device Afrin city, northern Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA_ A number of people were injured on Tuesday due to the explosion of an explosive device in Afrin city, northern Aleppo, where the Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenary are positioned. Local sources told SANA reporter that an explosive device exploded on Trinda road in the city of Afrin, causing the injury of several people and material damage to property. Gh.A.Hassoun FORUM

Apr 18 2020

Health Ministry: 2,115 persons subjected to preventive quarantine

Damascus, SANA_ The Ministry of Health announced Saturday that the people who were quarantined since last February 5 to date reached 2,115 people, of whom 1,898 left the quarantine centers because they had no symptoms, while 217 people are still under supervision in the provinces. Co-director of Communicable and Chronic Diseases Dr. Atef al-Taweel, read a statement saying that the Ministry currently has 19 quarantine centers and 14 medical isolation centers in all governorates, indicating to the presence of quarantine centers equipped by official bodies and civil societies in case of need. Dr. al-Taweel added that the Ministry created new …

Feb 14 2020

Marking 38th anniversary of Open Strike, people of Golan more determined to resist the occupation and its plans

Quneitra, SANA_ Marking the national Open Strike has become an annual tradition through which the Syrian people in the occupied Syrian Golan express their adherence to their identity and rejection of any form of occupation. On the 38th anniversary of the national Open Strike staged by the Syrian Arab citizens in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan on February 14th, 1982, our people in the Golan reiterated that the option of the resistance against the occupation is the way for the liberation of the occupied Golan. The people of Quneitra and the occupied Syrian Golan, who gathered in Ein al-Tina and Ein …