Jan 15 2021

Video: IRGC point-to-point missiles are a nightmare for Iran’s enemies

The first stage of war game of Payambar-e Azam 15 (The Great Prophet 15) was held in the area of Central Desert of Iran on Fri. with the implementation of a combined missile and UAV operation of the IRGC Aerospace Force. The commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), General Salami described the launch of joint missile and drone operations in the first stage of the drill as a demonstration of the strong will of the Iranian people to defend their vital values. Iran’s IRGC launches ‘The Great Prophet 15’ drill + images FORUM

Jan 15 2021

Iran’s IRGC launches ‘The Great Prophet 15’ drill + images

At this stage, the new generation of IRGC ballistic missiles were fired in Zulfiqar, Zilzal and Dezful classes and successfully hit the targets. The mentioned missiles are equipped with detachable warheads and the ability to be guided out of the atmosphere, as well as the ability to disrupt and pass through the enemy missile defense systems. On the sidelines of the IRGC missile exercise, the IRGC Aerospace Force Commander, General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh said: “The missiles used today are a new generation of ballistic missiles and their capabilities are new, and the combination of these with drone operations and the use …