May 21 2020

Pushkov: Western countries are still providing support to terrorists in Syria

Related Articles Moscow, SANA- Chairman of the Commission on Information and Media of the Russian Federation Council Alexey Pushkov said that the Western countries are still supporting terrorist organizations in Syria, and insisting on imposing its unilateral coercive measures against the country despite of the global pandemic that the world suffers from due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Pushkov’s remarks came during a press conference via video Conference quoted by Rossiya Segodnya agency on Thursday. Pushkov called on lifting unilateral and coercive US and Western sanctions  imposed on the countries in the wake of a global coronavirus pandemic, …

May 4 2020

President al-Assad holds meeting with government team for confronting Coronavirus to discuss latest developments

Related Articles Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad on Monday met with the government team tasked with confronting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its repercussions, discussing the latest developments in confronting the pandemic and its effects on the daily lives of citizens, particularly in terms of living conditions. President al-Assad said that this meeting comes after several weeks of applying the precautionary measures and several months of the pandemic’s spread and its deep and clear effects that accelerate rapidly, particularly since there is no tangible sign of anything for confronting this pandemic. His Excellency said that regarding the situation in …