Apr 6 2021

Latest Updates on Mozambique, 6 April 2021

According to local sources, more than 50 civilians, including two British and South African nationals, have been killed and dozens more missing since the recent ISIS attack on Palma.There are many stories of ISIS crimes in Palma, with the most authoritative reports stating that ISIS-affiliated gunmen turned a football field into an execution ground after capturing a village on the outskirts of Palma and beheaded several people there. FORUM

Mar 30 2021

Mozambique: Latest Updates on ISIS attack on Palma, 30 March 2021

On the sixth day of the ISIS affiliated militants “al-Shabab” attack on Palma, Mozambican security forces evacuated a large numbers of foreign nationals detained at the Amarula Hotel. The city of Palma in north of the country is now under ISIS full control. Survivors of the Palma siege said the headless bodies of civilians has been left on the beaches and roads, and large numbers of people were trying to flee the city by the sea and every possible ways…The exact number of casualties is not known, but ISIS claimed in a statement that 55 Mozambican soldiers were killed in …