May 10 2021

Conflict in Jerusalem; Siege of Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli military + Images

This morning, local sources reported the gathering of Palestinian worshipers in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque to protest against the illegal entry of Zionist settlers and their clashes with Zionist regime forces. During the clashes, Israeli forces fired tear gas, plastic bullets and sound bombs at Palestinians in support of the settlers, and detained a number of Palestinian protesters, and prevented medical personnel to enter Al-Aqsa Mosque to help the wounded people. “Dozens of wounded are being held in the al-Qibli mosque, and the Israeli military is blocking aid to the wounded,” a source told ISWNews. He added: Despite all …

Apr 23 2021

Palestine: Rocket attack on Israeli regime settlements

A source told ISWNews in this regard: three rockets were fired from the east of Khan Yunis towards the Kissufim area. The sources said that the alarm sounded in the areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip following the firing of these rockets. The source added: “Some of the watchtowers of the Resistance have been evacuated in order to prevent possible casualties in the possible attacks of the Zionist regime.” According to available information, two rockets landed in open areas and another rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome system. Israeli artillery shelled a Palestinian Resistance watchtower east of Khan Yunis …

Apr 16 2021

Palestinian resistance fired rocket into the occupied territories

According to preliminary information, the rocket landed in open areas in the town of Eshkol, southeast of the Gaza Strip. Last night, the Palestinian resistance also fired a rocket into the occupied areas, sounding the alarm in the town of Sderot, and in response to the attack, Israeli army warplanes bombed several targets in the Gaza Strip hours later. FORUM

Jan 28 2021

Latest Updates on Palestine, 27 January 2021

– Israeli chief of staff in a speech in national security faculty of Tel Aviv university: “The army is preparing a plan to neutralize Iran’s nuclear program. Israeli army is strengthening the relations with allies. Our relationship with USA is at its best, our strategic relationship is wonderful. The all aspects pressures on Iran should increase. No country in the world is as under threat of missile as Israel.” – Tuesday, the diplomatic HQ of Israeli regime in Morocco capital was opened after two decades. David Guvrin is Israel regime ambassador in Morocco. – Bahrain FM in a video call …

Jan 20 2021

Bombing Gaza by Israeli Regime + Photo

Beit Hanoun and al-Zaytoun areas in the north, Khan Yunis in the south, and the al-Maghazi and al-Bridge areas in the center of the Gaza Strip were targeted by Israeli regime. A local source confirming the bombing told ISWNews: A residential building was hit. In this crime a citizen was wounded and brought to hospital. Many Palestinian houses damaged. Zionist Merkava tanks were spotted in the area. Positions of the Resistance at Jahr al-Dik and east of al-Maghazi camp were targeted. Avichay Adraee, spokesperson of Zionist Army, said in his Twitter that these attacks were in retaliation to Tuesday evening …

Jan 13 2021

Destruction of Palestinian agricultural lands by the Israeli regime + Image

Israeli bulldozers crossed the Gaza Strip border and destroyed Palestinian farmland east of Khan Yunis. The Palestinians then fired at the Israeli bulldozer in response to the aggression. Zionist Channel 12 also confirmed the news of the shooting at the Israeli Bulldozers. The Israeli army has also targeted a resistance watchtower in the Absan area east of Khan Yunis. Earlier, the Zionist regime tried to annex the Palestinian agricultural lands to the occupied territories by destroying them. The regime is taking advantage of the difficult situation caused by the Corona outbreak to settle and occupy Palestinian lands in the West …

Jan 8 2021

Latest Updates on Palestine, 8 January 2021

– The Palestinian Prisoners of War Information Office announced that 15 Palestinian prisoners were infected with corona in Al-Niqab Field Prison. – In 2020, nine Israeli soldiers committed suicide. – The Hebrew-language Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported that the migration of Jews to occupied Palestine in 2020 has seen a significant decline. – Former Mossad chief Shabbat Shavati: The Iranians’ patience has no end, they may take revenge after the beginning of the Biden government. They will finally find a way to revenge. When they attack, they attack in such a way that no trace remains and they can not be …

Jan 4 2021

Latest Updates on Palestine, 4 January 2021

– The International Union of Muslim Scholars considered the boycott of the Zionist regime necessary. – The Hebrew-language newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth has revealed that a high-ranking official of the Zionist regime’s prisons organization will be interrogated on charges of raping and sexually harassing his female subordinates. – The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime emphasized that he had made secret trips to some Islamic and Arab countries without revealing even one of them. The Hebrew-language news site WiNet reported that Benjamin Netanyahu made the remarks at a Likud party meeting, but did not say which countries he had visited. – …

Dec 31 2020

Video: “Strong Support” maneuver in Gaza

Despite a large presence of Israeli troops near the Gaza Strip border to challenge Palestinian groups, the Al-Rukn al-Shadid military exercise began on Tuesday morning and ended successfully at noon on Wednesday. The exercise was held with the participation of 13 military branches of the resistance groups under the command of the Joint Resistance Operations Room in the Gaza Strip According to information provided by the Joint Resistance Operations Room, the maneuver simulated and implemented various scenarios from north to south of the Gaza Strip in preparation for the enemy invasion. FORUM

Dec 29 2020

Images of Palestinian Resistance groups joint drill

Ground, naval, aerial and rocket units of the Resistance groups are involved. FORUM

Dec 28 2020

Latest Updates on Palestine, 28 December 2020

1- Israeli soldiers shot plastic bullet toward civilians in the yard of Ramallah hospital, a pregnant woman and a nurse were injured, yesterday. 2- Moroccan people protested against normalizing the relations with Israel. 3- Occupied Palestine people protested against Netanyahu for the 27th week. Israeli people demanded the resignation of the PM due to corruption and mismanagement in Covid-19 pandemic. The protests went violent. 4- 20 thousand Jewish immigrated to occupied Palestine in current year, according to channel 7 of Zionist entity TV. 40% of them are youths who immigrated from 71 countries. 5- An Israeli media reported that Saudi …

Dec 27 2020

Latest Updates on Palestine, 26 December 2020

– Zionist website Makan: An Egyptian convoy evacuated Egypt’s embassy in Gaza and sent everything back to Cairo. The convoy of six diplomats came to Gaza from Rafah port on Wednesday night. – Following Palestinian Resistance rocket attack to occupied Asqalan, Hamas ordered the watch towers to be evacuated at the border. – Due to Israeli warplanes attack to Gaza Strip, a mosque, a hospital, a school and a watch tower were targeted in east of Deir al-Balah. – Hamas movement stressed that the Resistance never stays quiet against the enemy’s attacks and siege. The spokesperson said regarding the Israel’s …

Dec 26 2020

Palestine: Gaza Strip under Israeli strikes

According to Al-Quds News Network, Israeli fighter jets bombed several areas in the Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip. Israeli fighter jets continued to carry out criminal attacks on the Gaza Strip, targeting a resistance watchtower east of Deir al-Balah, agricultural land east of Camp al-Bridge and several resistance bases in the center of the Gaza strip. Palestinian sources in the Gaza stated that Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza strip have caused extensive damage to the al-Darah Children’s Hospital and the Ministry of Social Development’s Disabled Rehabilitation Center in the al-Tafah neighborhood in eastern Gaza, killing a Palestinian child …

May 29 2020

Palestinian youth martyred by Israeli regime

Zionist media claimed the youth intended to do martyrdom seeking operation against Zionists.Approaching the launch time of “the deal of the century” Palestinian martyrdom seeking operations are increasing. FORUM

May 13 2020

Latest Updates in Palestine, 13 May 2020

1. Benny Gantz resigned of the Zionist regime parliament (Knesset) presidency, due to the forming coalition government with Netanyahu. 2. According to Zionist regime army spokesman, a soldier of Gulani brigadier was killed, because of hitting a Palestinian stone to his head. 3. During Zionist militants attack on al-Favar camp in the al-Khaleel province, a Palestinian child “Zeid Fadhl Qaisiyah were martyred and four others were wounded. 3. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo traveled to occupied Palestine, for meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Ganetz. It’s be said that focus point of these meetings, are talking about Iran, Syria …

Apr 25 2020

Hamas leaders negotiation with Saudi crown prince?!

Nazzal said in this regard: Negotiations have been done between the leaders of Hamas and Muhammad bin Salman that have not had any result. But is set that Saudis to release the 60 of attributed persons to Hamas, that are prisoned in Saudi Arabia. After inauguration of King Salman Bin Abdulaziz kingdom, the Saudi government has arrested the Hamas members under the charge of terrorist activities and raising funds for Palestine. The Hamas representative in Saudi Arabia Mohammad al-Khezri is one of the prominent figures in these captives. FORUM

Apr 4 2020

Leader of Hamas issues a threat for Zionists

“If Palestinians need ventilator or face difficulty in case of coronavirus epidemic and you block medical aids, we will get it by force and you will see that we can.” Covering Sinwar’s expression, Zionist media warned regarding tension between Zionist regime and Gaza Strip. Note that in despite of severe lack of medical facilities, Gaza Strip could control the coronavirus contagion in the Strip and quarantine the infected patients in border passages. FORUM

Mar 28 2020

Palestinian resistance groups welcome Ansar Allah’s recent offer

It is said in the statement: “We appreciate this plan which shows solidarity with Palestine nation and resistance.”On the other hand, Hamas called this plan as Yemen nation’s deep responsibility toward ideal of Palestine. The movement demanded Saudi regime to release Hamas prisoners ASAP. Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi in his recent speech for the fifth anniversary of war against Yemen by Saudi-UAE coalition announced they are ready to exchange Hamas prisoners with a Saudi pilot and four officers. Saudi Arabia has captured some of Hamas members since April 2019 and kept under severe torture. Among Palestinian prisoners is Dr. Muhammed …

Feb 25 2020

Palestine’s Islamic Jihad Announces End of Missile Response

In the statement, the al-Quds Brigades emphasized that the resistance will continue and they will respond to any possible Zionist crime.

Feb 24 2020

Breaking: Islamic Jihad rocket attacks on Zionist settlements

Feb 23 2020

Al-Quds Brigades Retaliation Against Israel

The sound of sirens continues to be heard in the settlements around Gaza, and the Zionists have opened shelters to the settlers.

Feb 23 2020

A Palestinian fighter martyred by Zionists

Zionist regime army claimed that two Palestinian youths tried to bomb by approaching the occupied land border. Resistance groups warned Zionists of the consequences.

Feb 20 2020

Final hit of Netanyahu to the Palestine-Israel two states plan!

According to Palestinian sources, Netanyahu announced today that Israel will built 5200 new housing units in the occupied Quds.This Regime’s Ministry of Housing has promised to build 9,000 units of town at the abandoned Qalandiya airport in the north of occupied Quds and in the Palestinian territories. Netanyahu’s recent decision, is another fatal hit to the plan named Palestine-Israel two states, because these towns between Ramallah and occupied Quds are a divide line for Palestinian state. It should be said that recently Zionist Regime with the full support of US state is running the plan named Deal of the Century, …

Feb 20 2020

Islamic Jihad Secretary General: We will respond strongly to any assassination

Islamic Jihad Secretary General Ziad al-Nakhalah that was speaking in the national conference against the Deal of Century, added: Any moment, it’s possible that our fight will be changed from policy to military operation. Al-Nakhala said about the policy of Palestinian resistance leaders assassinations: These policies will not dissuade Palestinian people from their definite right and our nation will respond to any assassination operation fast, any new violation against Gaza strip will be faced with the response that is unprecedented.He added: The Zionist leaders threats don’t scare us and we will not accept what you have set, and the plan …

Feb 7 2020

Spokesperson of Quds battalions asked for armed fight in the West Bank!

Abu Hamza in his tweet wrote:– I congratulate jihadi operations in dear Quds and the West Bank and tell the pure souls of these martyrs, who did not accept humiliation of enemy and sent the only message that enemy understands, and our dear people in the West Bank to attack the enemy with iron fist and we are beside you. – The heroic operations in the West Bank and dear Quds stress that the deal of the century and Judaizing the sanctities should be confronted with blood and weapon and we warn enemy that you have seen Palestine’s fury and …

Feb 7 2020

Martyrdom seeker who operated yesterday morning is captured by Zionists

In the operation on Thursday morning, al-Tarman with his car ran over several Zionist soldiers and injured 14 Zionist troops. The security collaboration of Palestinian national authority with Zionist regime is the reason of arresting a;-Tarman in the West Bank. In despite of announcing the deal of the century, these security ties are still continuing! Israeli regime officials claimed that al-Tarman, who did martyrdom seeking operation in south of Quds (forever capital of Palestine), is captured. In the operation on Thursday morning, al-Tarman with his car ran over several Zionist soldiers and injured 14 Zionist troops. The security collaboration of …