Jan 12 2021

Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 12 Jan 2021

1- Kandahar:– Clashes between the Afghan Army and the Taliban continued in the district of Zharey and Arghandab. (image)– Afghan Security forces discovered and defused 32 landmines in Panjwai, Arghandab and Zharey districts. 2- Farah:Nine members of the Afghan Army were killed and two others were wounded in a Taliban attack on Army positions in Pashtrood district. 15 Taliban militants were also killed in the clashes.Afghan Army sources also stated that 11 Taliban militants were killed and 78 other were wounded in clashes in the province over the past month. 3- Uruzgan:11 Taliban members were killed and eight others were …

Jan 3 2021

Pakistan: ISIS killed 11 civilians in southwest of the country + Images

According to Pakistani sources, the victims of the crime were Hazaras working in Pakistani mines who were abducted by ISIS operatives and then killed. The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the crime in a statement. Following the incident, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the crime in a message and called on the security services to use all their capacities to identify and arrest the perpetrators of this terrorist act. FORUM

Dec 29 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 29 Dec 2020

1- Ghazni:– Taliban kidnapped 15 civilians on Ghazni-Jaghori road.– Unidentified gunmen assassinated two government employees in Ghazni. 2- Qandahar:The Afghan Air Force bombed Taliban positions south of Panjwai. 3- Farah:One person was killed and two others were injured when a Taliban car bomb exploded in Anar Dara district. 4- Daykundi:A bomb blast at the Gizab police headquarters killed 18 security personnel. 5- Kabul:– Six people were injured in a terrorist explosion in the Kabul’s PD7 district.– Also another terrorist explosion took place in the Kabul’s PD5 district that did not cause any casualties. 6- Parwan:One person was injured in an …

May 12 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 12 May 2020

1. Ghazni:– During Taliban attack on security forces station in the Saha Alam region, 4 of security forces were killed and 7 others wounded.– During the security forces operation in the Andar city, road of this city to the Arezoo and Shaleez regions have been cleared, and about 50 of Taliban forces were killed and wounded.– 5 security forces and a civilian have killed, in the Taliban attack on the Qiyaq Valley in the Jaghtou district. 2. Logar:During a security operation by the government forces in the Mohammad Aghe district, 11 Taliban forces have been killed and 4 other wounded. …

Apr 10 2020

Latest updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 9 April 2020

1. Balkh:Taliban executed seven civilians of Jarhai Nahre Sorkh village in Sholgara district by shooting. According to local sources, before this crime, Taliban executed 18 people of the same area in 1998. The above photo shows this news. 2. Parwan:US base Bagram was hit by several rockets fired from a vehicle. ISIS took responsibility. 3. Ashraf Ghani administration released 100 more Taliban militants.Yesterday 100 Taliban militants were released already.According to national security council spokesperson of Ashraf Ghani administration, the 460 Taliban prisoners released are from the list agreed by Taliban and USA. But Taliban rejected the topic due to halt …

Feb 15 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 14 February 2020

1. Qunduz: Due to explosion of a landmine in a school in village of Dasht Archi district, 5 children killed and 3 other injured. 2. Latest updates on US-Taliban talks:– Trump has announced the situation of peace with Taliban will be clear in the next two weeks.– On February 14, the Pentagon claimed that the Taliban had agreed on a 7-day ‘decrease of violence’ amid the US-Taliban talks in Qatar.– Mike Pompeo: Despite progress in negotiations with Taliban, still some steps have remained. The rate of violences should be reduced.– After announcing the progress of Taliban-US negotiations, Hamed Karzai and …