Mar 3 2021

AnsarAllah’s Zulfaqar missile + video and images

The missile was not unveiled before and Ansar Allah media have not disclosed any details about it, however, it was used in many operations last year. Considering the targets Zulfaqar missile was used for, the missile should have a range of 1,100 to 1,300 km and seems to be developed from Burkan missile family of Ansar Allah. Zulfaqar missile fired at Riyadh during Operation Fifth Deterrence Balance Ansar Allah has launched seven Zulfaqar missiles against Saudi coalition in six operations, details are as follows,– Third Deterrence operation against Aramco oil infrastructure on Yanbu harbor on February 21, 2020, one missile.– …

Feb 28 2021

Yemeni Armed Forces Statement Regarding Last Night Attack on Saudi Arabia

According to the statement, the operation was carried out by firing one Zulfaqar missile and 15 UAVs, nine of which were Sammad-3, against the Saudi coalition positions in Riyadh.Qasef 2k drones also targeted Saudi coalition positions at Abha and Khamis Mushait airports, and the attacks continued until the morning. Breaking: Missile attacks on Riyadh, drone attacks on Southern Saudi Arabia FORUM