Aug 17 2020

Turkish-backed militants drill in northwest of Syria

SNA was formed by combining several militia groups in northwest of Syria in 2017. Due to direct support and supervision of Turkey, the group is famous as TFSA (Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army).The group itself is not strong in terms of fighting and usually is used to keep the lands occupied by Turkish army in north of Syria. In the released images of the drill, Turkish flag and armored vehicles can be seen. Drill by SNA and news that militia groups are preparing in Idlib area can be interpreted as imminent attack of militia against Syrian army in Idlib.Last week, National …

Apr 26 2020

Opinion: Investigation of the latest military-security situation in Idlib

The recent ceasefire between Turkish and Russian presidents stresses on several points, namely a 6 km safe zone in both north and south around Aleppo-Lattakia highway (M4) and then forming Russian-Turkish joint patrols along M4. Important incidents happened since the signing of the ceasefire in the area which will be explained. Interruption of patrols by Tahrir al Sham:In despite of five times Russian-Turkish forces patrolled in M4, every time they were interrupted by terrorist groups and the patrols were limited to between Turnabah village, outskirts of Saraqib, to Nayrab town, east of Idlib. Terrorist groups first sabotaged parts of the …