Mar 6 2021

Israel election followed closely by Saudi Arabia; appreciating Netanyahu’s efforts

Zionist paper israelhayom wrote:A Saudi official close to the royal family said in an exclusive interview with i24News TV that they follow election in Israel closely and hope that there won’t be drastic changes in the government.This source, whose identity wasn’t disclosed, added:Saudi Arabia thanks PM Netanyahu and supports his policies in dealing with the Persian Gulf states and pressuring Iran.Not only we thank Netanyahu but we like him. He has the charisma and know what to do.Saudi Arabia is extremely scared if Netanyahu’s rival, Yair Lapid, comes to power, since he might change the Israel foreign policies to what …

Nov 17 2020

Zionist paper: Netanyahu travels to UAE

It was stated Netanyahu is invited by UAE crown prince, Mohammed bin Zayed. This news released while in September Zionist media disclosed Netanyahu’s secret travel to UAE and meeting with Mohammed bin Zayed two years ago. In case the news is true, this is the first official Netanyahu trip to any Arabic country after disgraceful normalizing the relations with UAE and Bahrain. It is noteworthy that following signing the compromise agreement with the Zionist regime, UAE proceeded with airline route between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, meeting with Zionist officials and advertising Israeli products. FORUM

May 13 2020

Latest Updates in Palestine, 13 May 2020

1. Benny Gantz resigned of the Zionist regime parliament (Knesset) presidency, due to the forming coalition government with Netanyahu. 2. According to Zionist regime army spokesman, a soldier of Gulani brigadier was killed, because of hitting a Palestinian stone to his head. 3. During Zionist militants attack on al-Favar camp in the al-Khaleel province, a Palestinian child “Zeid Fadhl Qaisiyah were martyred and four others were wounded. 3. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo traveled to occupied Palestine, for meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Ganetz. It’s be said that focus point of these meetings, are talking about Iran, Syria …

Feb 13 2020

Facebook serving at Netanyahu!

In this phone call, Netanyahu condemned Facebook for its negative influence on his supporters. He asked Zuckerberg to try for a clean election. Zuckerberg answered to Netanyahu by promising him that his company is active in this field. Netanyahu is alleged for corruption, power abuse and bribery and failed in the last two elections to form a cabinet. Polls show his absolute defeat in the next election of the regime. In case of Netanyahu’s failure in the election, he will be wiped from the politics of the regime and may even spend some time behind the bars.