Dec 25 2020

Statement by the Syrian Ministry of Defense on the Israeli attack

The statement added that Syrian air defense systems have responded to enemy missiles and destroyed most of them. The media, close to the Syrian militants, also claimed that six people were martyred in the attack. The above images are related to satellite images of the effects of last night’s attack by the Zionist regime on the Masyaf area in the Syrian province of Hama. FORUM

Jun 8 2020

Fire brigades of Hama and Tartous extinguish fire in Masyaf woods

Hama, SANA – Members of the Hama and Tartous fire brigades extinguished a fire that spread across an area of 40 dunams (40,000 square meters) of the oak woods in Masyaf area in Hama. Director of the Woodland Firefighting Center Madian al-Ali told SANA correspondent that 150 members of the Hama and Tartous fire brigades participated in extinguishing a fire that extended over an area of about 40 dunams of the oak woods in the surrounding of Deir Mama town in Masyaf area, indicating that the fire originated from agricultural lands adjacent to the woods. He pointed firefighters isolated the …